Water for pollinators and other garden wildlife

November 30th, 2018 | Plant Talk with Graham Rice | 0 Comments

Garden pond and waterfall

It’s not just plants that attract pollinators and other insects. The other crucial feature is water and the smallest pool will make a difference. In fact I once saw a tiny pool made in an upturned dustbin lid with its own little population of bugs.

Natural ponds have disappeared. I know the ponds I used to root about in as a kid in the London suburbs, catching stickleback and trying to identify the dragonflies – well, they’re long gone, drained and built over. In rural areas, farm ponds have been filled in to make the fields easier for machinery.

But so many of us have a little piece of land outside our back door where, amongst the roses and the lawn and the patio and the kids’ bikes, there’s room for a pond.

My daughter and her family have a tiny London garden but in the middle of a little border on one side is a pond. In area, it’s probably smaller than a dustbin lid but much deeper so there’s a goldfish and water snails and insects I couldn’t tell you the name off. The birds drink there too. And there’s never been a mosquito.

But most of us will have room for something a little larger, and all you need can be sourced here at Mr F, even snails to clear up the algae. The winter is the time to get started, so why not think about making space for a pond.

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