Top Tips On Warming Up Soil In Spring [video]

warming soil and protecting from frost

Spring is here and it is the perfect time to start sowing seeds.  In the UK in Spring we have to be prepared for any late frosts that are a feature of March and April to ensure you don’t check any early sowings. Here’s a video tutorial with tips on warming up your soil in spring and protecting it from further frosts.

  • Raised beds warm up quicker than the open ground following the winter season. So if you have raised beds in your garden, start your first sowings here to take advantage of this.
  • Soil can be warmed by covering in black plastic, or by using row covers or garden fleece. Black covers work best as they absorb the heat and warm the soil quicker but use what you have available to you.  Do this for at least one week before sowing seeds to ensure you have raised the temperature sufficiently.
  • Any covers used to warm the soil must be pegged down as another feature of the UK weather this time of year is the wind!
  • You can provide seedlings with some initial protection by covering sowings with fleece to help keep them warm.
  • Old plastic water bottles can also be used to create makeshift individual cloches for seedlings and young individual plants.  They might not look as fancy as posh Victorian glass bell cloches, but a bottomless milk carton will bring on young plants just as well.
  • If making sowings in an unheated greenhouse or shed, you can reuse polystyrene boxes that you often find in packaging.  These make great seedling containers with the insulating properties of the polystyrene..

Pick up a few more tips in the video and best of luck navigating the frosts this Spring.  If you have more tips for protecting seedlings from the cold, do let us know in the comments section below.

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