Tomato Problems: Fix Issues Affecting Your Tomatoes

Fixing Tomato ProblemsThere’s nothing quite like the aroma and taste of a homegrown tomato. They’re also pretty easy to grow as long as you’re prepared for signs that something is wrong. As well as pests and diseases, tomato yield and quality can be affected by nutrient deficiencies, poor pollination, irregular watering and other issues. This post looks into how pests can destroy your tomato plants and the video below is here to guide you through further tomato problems!

  • Aphids and whiteflies are regular visitors from early summer. They gather in large numbers, sucking the sap and life from your plants. Plus, they leave their stick excrement or ‘honeydew’ on the foliage! Some pests can also transmit plant diseases. Small infestations can simply be blasted off with a jet of water. or try spraying plants with a solution of soapy water, taking care to reach leaf undersides. Prevent some pests from getting to your precious tomatoes by planting flowers close by, such as marigolds.
  • Spider mite appears on tomato plants in warm, dry conditions – these can quickly weaken plants. It’s important to look out for their faint webbing, you may also be able to see the tiny, red mites if you look close enough. They love drought-stressed plants, so be sure that your tomatoes aren’t drying out. If they do attack, spray the foliage with a fine mist of water, ensuring you reach all parts of the plant, then cover the plant with a row cover for a few days to create the shady, humid conditions that repel mites.

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