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Mr Fothergill’s display of Zinnias leaves Brian California dreaming

September 2nd, 2013 | News, The flower garden | 0 Comments

“The best show of zinnias I have seen anywhere at any time outside of California!” is how Mr Fothergill’s trials manager Brian Talman describes the display of these half-hardy annuals on the company’s Kentford, Suffolk, trial grounds during the summer of 2013.  Brian has been a professional grower for 50 years, so his view is always highly regarded by his colleagues.

Zinnia from Mr Fothergills“The weather this summer has been a key to their success”, says Brian.  “They really love the heat, although as they are grown close to a belt of trees they do not get full sun all day long.  And it’s important to remember they dislike root disturbance, so we sow seed in cells and transplant very carefully”.   He has also found zinnias do well when seed is sown directly in the flowering position.  They have out-performed all other annual genera in 2013 by standing the early wet spell and long hot summer better than most.

Brian and his team have noticed zinnias attract a large number of beneficial insects and a good range of butterflies.  They are also superb for cutting, as the strong-stemmed heads will last for several days in water.  The display on Mr Fothergill’s trial ground was still in full flower at the end of August with the promise of it lasting until at least the end of September.

Among Mr Fothergill’s introductions for 2014 is Zinnia Zahara Sunburst, a compact growing bicolour which becomes smothered in blooms all summer long.  A packet of 25 seeds costs £3.99.