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Wrap mum’s Mother’s Day present up in our fab plantable wrapping paper

February 20th, 2015 | The flower garden, The vegetable garden | 0 Comments

Eden Sunflower Plantable PaperAnyone wanting some special gift-wrap for a present for Mothering Sunday (15 March 2015) need look no further than Mr Fothergill’s website.

Here they will find a range of Eden plantable wrapping paper in eight designs, each with seeds of the vegetable or flower portrayed impregnated into it.  This great recycling idea includes a wild flower mixture, sunflower, tomato, pepper, carrot, broccoli (calabrese), lettuce and a blend of all five vegetables.  Mr Fothergill’s Katherine Watt reports the wild flower and sunflower version are currently the most popular with the company’s customers.

Printed on 100 per cent recycled paper using vegetable inks, each sheet of this UK-made wrapping paper measures 45cm by 70cm, with a minimum of 70 seeds per sheet.   It costs £4.99 per sheet.  Eden’s plantable wrapping paper is completely biodegradable and has no damaging impact on garden ecosystems.  There is no need to worry about even spacing, handling, planting depth or thinning of seed, plus no thinning means no seed is wasted.

The seeds are ingeniously embedded in the back of the wrapping paper in seven layers of biodegradable tissue paper. The wrapping paper and tissue paper layers use no glues to hold them together. The layers of printed paper with the wrapping paper designs on, and layers of tissue paper containing the seeds are held together through an embossing process. Each layer of paper is interlocked with the one above it, sandwiching the seeds between them, so none can escape.  The gift recipient can tear the wrapping paper into strips before sowing and awaiting germination.