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6 Ingenious Ways to Reuse Your Plant Pots [video]

June 13th, 2017 | The flower garden, The vegetable garden | 0 Comments

Salad - Reuse your Plant PotsAnyone who is into gardening will likely have a lot of little plastic pots stacked in their shed!  Plastic pots are perfect for reusing, and here are six ideas on how you can reuse your plant pots in ingenious ways. 

  • Tomato plants are always thirsty and when you plant tomatoes into the open ground, the water seems to just disappear. You can use plastic pots to make a water reservoir halo to help you concentrate the water towards the roots of the plant.  Simply cut off the bottom of the pot with a sharp knife or scissors, then push the pot  half way into the soil.   Plant the tomatoes into the bottom. Now when you water your tomatoes, the pot will help contain the water, ensuring it gradually soaks into the plant.
  • Use an empty plant pot to help transfer a plant into a larger container.  Before adding potting compost to your new container, place an empty pot that is the same size as the old plant pot into the middle of the new larger container. Then add compost into the gaps surrounding the plastic pot. Remove the pot, leaving a ready made hole for you to place your plant straight into its new home.
  • Plastic pots can also be used to created bug hotels. Fill the plastic pots with a variety of materials like bamboo, corrugated cardboard, hollow stems and twigs. then place this in a sheltered position for bugs to find.
  • Garden twine is always useful in the garden, but it can get tangled and make using it a nightmare. Plastic pots can come in handy here. Put the twine into a pot and feed the end through one of the drainage holes. Use Duck Tape on the open end of the pot to keep the twine enclosed.  You now have a handy twine dispenser for easy use in the garden!
  • Scrub your old pots clean and use them as the perfect opportunity to get creative. You can paint, cover and create designs on your old plant pots to brighten up the garden.
  • Larger plastic pots can be used to help with harvesting your vegetables.  Place your harvested vegetables into a pot, then blast them with a jet of water to wash them.  The water will then drain through the holes at the bottom leaving you with clean veg!

If you have any other inventive ways of using pots in your garden, then let us know about it in the comments below. 

6 Ingenious Ways to Reuse Your Plant Pots

6 Ingenious Ways to Reuse Your Plant Pots

Recycling for the Garden: Upcycling Items for a More Productive Vegetable Garden

May 9th, 2017 | The flower garden, The vegetable garden | 0 Comments

garden-recycling-bottlesGardening  doesn’t have to be expensive, you can recycle and reuse items which will save money as well as keeping your gardening as green as possible. This post gives plenty tips on recycling for the garden. 

  • Using yoghurt pots for sowing seeds is a great way to start recycling. Puncture holes into the base of yoghurt pots for drainage.
  • Old fruit trays are also perfect as they already have holes perfect for drainage.
  • Toilet tubes are ideal for deeper rooted vegetables, such as peas, beans and corn.
  • Old guttering offers a great depth for the sowing of peas.
  • Polystyrene cups make fun sized containers for kids to learn to grow salads and radishes in.
  • Newspapers can be fashioned into pots, by wrapping it around toilet tubes. A detailed tutorial for this can be found in the video below.
  • Strips of yoghurt pot, lolly sticks and baton can all be used to create labels. All you’ll need in addition to this is a permanent marker. These mean you can label rows of your plants.
  • Many plants need protection before they are fully established. Clear plastic bottles can be cut in half, creating two miniature greenhouses. These can be used for individual plants.
  • Bubble wrap from postal deliveries can be reused to keep plants warm on frosty nights. Polystyrene boxes provide warm micro climate for seed trays.
  • Old windows can be used to create a homemade cold frame. A short tutorial on this can be found in the video below.
  • To protect your plants from pests and birds, you can use netting over canes that are topped with pots.

These are just a few tips and tricks on recycling in the garden, the video below has further advice as well as detailed tutorials for creating garden containers. Let us know if you have any garden recycling tips.

GrowVeg – Recycling for the Garden: Upcycling Items for a More Productive Vegetable Garden