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End of Summer Finale for Mr Fothergill’s Staff Competitions

October 9th, 2019 | News | 0 Comments

Every year, our trials team organises gardening-related challenges to Mr Fothergill’s employees. This summer, volunteers could grow a children’s garden or the largest onion. Teams designing the gardens used their creative skills and came up with lots of great ideas that were then judged at our annual Press Day by visiting journalists.

Competition was stiff and closely matched, so much so that we ended up with joint 2 winners and 5 more competitors drawing in 3rd place! Congratulations to Garden 8 (Mr F Minion’s Garden) & Garden 9 (Mr McGregor’s Garden) for taking home joint first place.

Garden 8, Mr F Minions Garden. A small garden including crafty and colourful homemade decorations made from pots, buckets and other garden materials, set on a raised display draped with hessian fabricGarden 9, Mr McGregor's Garden. A small garden featuring a round wooden sign that reads "Mr McGregors WELCOME", colourful flowers and Peter Rabbit references, including a Peter Rabbit stone statuette and photocopied pages from a Peter Rabbit book.

The largest onion competition also had its keen participants. 25 people competed with each other with good-natured banter and secret growing methods employed.

In the end, the heaviest onion was grown by Paul, our Head of Mail Order with a weight of 1.54kg. Finance Director Phil gained 2nd whose onion was 1.38kg in weight, Aga and Rob from our Sales Office were just behind him with 1.34kg.

The 4 winners of the Mr F staff growing onion competition, stood in a row holding their prize onions and smiling.

Everyone grew Mr Fothergill’s Exhibition Onion but could use any fertiliser they wanted. Many went for Seasol, others tried chicken manure or even sheep poo. The winner said: ‘As a first-time onion grower I had no magic formula, so just did a bit of research. I fed my plants weekly with sulphate of ammonia (nitrogen) and every two weeks with a plant tonic.’

Aga and Rob commented: ‘‘From the very first day, we watered our onion every day and made sure we raked the soil around it, to air the soil and allow the water to get down to the roots. From an internet tip from Peter Glazebrook, we used a sulphate of ammonia growth booster which was a good source of nitrogen, which encouraged leafy growth. The more leaves the larger the onion should grow. We used Seasol every time we watered.’’

Mr Fothergill’s has a wide range of easy to grow varieties for children. Exhibition Onion is ideal for shows and cooking alike. Our seed is available from Mr Fothergill’s retail stockists throughout the UK, from our latest Seed Catalogue or online. Visit your local garden centre for the full range or head over to

The Horticultural Channel visit Mr Fothergill’s For Press Day

August 16th, 2016 | News | 0 Comments

Last week, we held our Press Day at the Mr Fothergill’s trials ground in Suffolk and members of the gardening media world were given the chance to take a look around.  On the trials ground we grow thousands of varieties of seeds from the range to test them for performance.  We also test out new varieties that we are considering including in future year’s seed catalogues.  Our head gardener, Brian Talman, is a man of many talents and manages to bring everything to bloom and cropping simultaneously each year. Needless to say, as you step onto the field, the sight is breathtaking.

Brian Talman introducing Jekka McVicar's herb garden at Mr Fothergill's

Sean Cameron of The Horticultural Channel, was among the assembled gardening media and made this fantastic video of the day.  There are guest appearances from John Ashley, the chair of Greenfingers Charity who will be benefiting from sales of a new variety of Sweet Pea.  Herb expert Jekka McVicar also talks about her new range of herb seeds and the benefits adding herbs to your garden and diet can bring.

But ultimately, this video gives a great behind the scenes view of the trials ground.   So join Sean as he leaves his allotment for the day and visits the trial ground to take you on a tour.

Sean’s Allotment Garden: Visiting a Flower & Veg Trial (Ep64, Year 4)

The Horticultural Channel - Mr Fothergills Press Day 2016