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Seasol, A Seaweed Product for All Seasons

July 9th, 2019 | News | 0 Comments

Mr Fothergill’s Seasol Seaweed Concentrate offers a wide window of sales, almost the whole of the gardening season.

This long sales product improves seed germination and root growth. Studies confirmed that soaking seeds in Seasol prior to sowing, or watering with Seasol immediately after sowing, gives seeds the best possible start in life and leads to vigorous, uniform plants.

Soaking seeds in Seasol prior to sowing will give them the best start in life Water seeds with Seasol immediately after sowing for vigorous, uniform plants.

As well as being watered directly into the soil for uptake at the roots, Seasol can also be applied as a foliar spray for fast absorption of nutrients, throughout the life of plants. What’s more it’s chemical free, it’s even been shown to provide improved frost resistance.

Marketing Manager Ian Cross said: “The great thing about Seasol is that because it is a natural plant tonic, you can use it regularly throughout all stages of growth, from seed to mature plant, unlike general fertilisers.’’

Seasol is an all-natural plant tonic

Seasol is an all-natural plant tonic, offering a complete treatment for all areas of the garden, promoting healthy growth of plants, flowers, vegetables and even lawns. It contains useful micro-nutrients and is rich in trace elements, all of which plants need to support strong healthy growth. Regular use has proven to help plants cope with stresses such as heat, drought and frost as well as increases resistance to garden pests and diseases.

A 1L bottle has a RRP of £7.99 and the 4L offering is priced at £19.99. To find out more about the Mr Fothergill’s range, log on at or telephone 01638 554111.