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Make a Healthy Start with Mr Fothergill’s and David Domoney this 2020 Season

September 4th, 2019 | News | 0 Comments

David Domoney Make a Healthy Start campaign. Grow to eat the rainbow!


‘Make a healthy start’ is a new message promoting the importance of eating a rainbow of colours for the best diet.

It’s no secret that vegetables have the power to boost our health, but did you know that eating a rainbow of colours gives you the best chance of a well-rounded diet? Nutritional facts featured on point of sale show which vitamins are in the vegetables people eat every day.

The booklet, which is included free for customers to take, has also been updated. As well as tips on what to sow and how to start growing, there is seasonal inspiration, interesting facts, vitamins content, a sowing calendar, crop rotation information and more.




A packet of Mr Fothergill's David Domoney Rocket seeds



Aimed at encouraging newcomers to grow-your-own, the collection includes 56 of the most popular vegetable varieties and 10 easy-to-use seed mats and tapes. Packet instructions offer simple, jargon-free growing advice and a QR code links to further ‘on the spot’ tips from David.

The packet fronts employ easy reference icons designed to sell the simplicity of the products. In store, the stand-alone range is displayed A to Z, and includes smaller pea and bean packets suited better to smaller scale growing and beginner gardeners than traditional pea and bean packaging.





David Domonet Make a Healthy Start Point Of Sale standAmong top selling varieties are basil, pea and carrot. David Domoney commented: “The aim in launching the ‘make a healthy start’ stand is to highlight clearly for gardeners the health benefits available to them, to make choosing seed varieties that much easier. Coupled with a rainbow vitamin scale, the packaging guides them through which seeds are best suited to their needs, depending on the food they want to harvest and the individual dietary requirements they might have. This is all in the aim to get people growing at home and reaping the plentiful rewards involved in that.”

Customers who buy a seed packet from the range are then given a chance to win a brand new NutriBullet food processor—the all-in-one Magic Bullet Blender to help nourish your soul. All you have to do to enter the prize draw, is snap a photo of the packet you’ve purchased and upload it to the entry page on the website.

Visit your local garden centre for the full range or head over to