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A rather special coneflower

September 21st, 2018 | Plant Talk with Graham Rice | 0 Comments

Echinacea 'Green Twister'

Two superb new seed-raised perennials are introduced this autumn, two of the best that I’ve grown for years, so I thought I’d better tell you about them. This week, a very impressive new coneflower.

Echinacea ‘Green Twister’ is unique amongst seed-raised echinaceas. Firstly, the colouring. As you can see, most of each petal is the usual coneflower purple but the turned up tips are bright green, at times almost luminous. And the flowers are huge, many are 15cm across and held on long stiff stems about 90cm tall.

My seedlings were given to me by the breeder last spring, grown on in 9cm pots and then planted out. Most plants flowered last year, all came happily through the winter and flower production this year has been impressive.

Large flowers on tall stems implies a need for support and, grown in good soil and planted in an open but sheltered place, they would have toppled if the usual canes and string had not been in place.

In the garden and cut for mixed bouquets the flowers always caused comment and, although one or two were a little cautious, most people who saw them loved them. They’re still flowering now.

There’s a similar, but smaller-flowered variety around called ‘Green Envy’ that’s raised by cuttings or division but I’ve found it weaker and variable – and you can buy two or three packets of seed of ‘Green Twister’ for the price of one plant of ‘Green Envy’. You know which one to go for.