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Nation of Gardeners results: Garlic Solent Wight pot grown

April 22nd, 2014 | Nation of Gardeners, The vegetable garden | 0 Comments

Garlic Solent WightGarlic Solent Wight produces very large bulbs and is a softneck variety which makes them better for storage.  All of Mr Fothergill’s garlic is grown on the Isle of Wight in the traditional way, and though most people plant into open ground, they can also be grown in pots on the patio.

Our Nation of Gardeners were originally asked to plant Garlic Solent Wight 1″ deep in October 2013 to test autumn sowing against spring sowing.  In February 2014 our gardeners were asked to plant out another batch of Garlic Solent Wight as a comparative trial against the October sown bulbs.  And then finally in March 2014, they were asked to plant out 3 pot grown garlic plants to test if the plants will bolt quicker if grown on by the Mr Fothergill’s nurserymen in this way.

The table below charts their progress.

Location Elevation Date planted Date first signs of growth Notes
Cheshire 49m 13 March 13 March Planted in open ground in west facing position.
Renfrewshire 28m 15 March Planted out in raised bed
North Devon 30-50m 17 March 24 March 23/03 – seem very settled, hard to spot first signs of growth as look so at home! Planted in raised bed with sout east facing aspect
Worcestershire 55m
Herefordshire 16 March 16 March Planted in raised bed on open site
Cumbria 90m
Ceredigion 131m 13 March In pots outdoors
Bristol 55m 13 March 14 March Planted in raised bed on open site
Suffolk 6m 13 March Planted in open ground
Hertfordshire 150m 23 March 23 March Planted in south facing window box
Surrey 58m 20 March 26 March Planted in raised bed south west facing
Pontypridd 157m 15 March 26 March Planted in open ground in south facing position. Look healthy not much happened but plants are now slightly taller 13/04/2014
Buckinghamshire 66m 13 March 13 March Planted in open ground
Guildford 56m
Gloucestershire 74m 13 March 13 March Planted out in greenhouse
Moray 30 March Planted into open ground
Derbyshire 241m 16 March 16 March Planted in open ground on south facing plot. Well established and look similar in height and development to autumn sown bulbs.

Autumn vs. Spring garlic – Mr Fothergill’s Nation of Gardeners investigates

April 8th, 2014 | Nation of Gardeners | 0 Comments

Nation of Gardener's across the UKFor the past six months, 18 amateur gardeners across the country have been trialling seeds, plants and bulbs on behalf of Mr Fothergill’s Seeds as part of its Nation of Gardeners campaign.

The representatives, in each region of mainland UK, have received monthly parcels. They have been asked to plant the contents at approximately the same time as each other and to report back on their findings to show what grows best where, and when.

As well as garlic issued in autumn as well as in spring, the gardeners have so far received a plentiful list of broad beans, sweet peas, five different bare root perennials, a blackberry plant, strawberry runners, basil, coriander, four types of salad, peppers, antirrhinum, potatoes, six types of indoor and outdoor tomatoes, and two types of blackcurrant.

One of the key aims of the campaign is to carry out comparative trials of the same variety but at different times of the year. The gardeners have now carried out their first seasonal comparative test having received garlic bulbs in their October and February parcels, as well as some experimental pot-grown garlic in their March parcel. And the results have been fascinating.

Throughout most of the winter, the gardeners reported back about the speed, or lack of, of their October planted garlic cloves. Throughout March, however, there were regular exclamations of surprise as the spring planted cloves burst into life.

On average the first signs of growth for the autumn garlic took 57 days, whereas green shoots on the spring garlic were appearing after an average of 11 days – with the earliest coming through within just one week.

In mid March the garlic cloves in the Ceredigion garden that were planted in October stood at 28cm, whereas the February planted garlic was rapidly catching up and had reached 10cm.  The Staffordshire gardener’s autumn garlic took approximately three months to show life, but the garlic cloves planted at the beginning of February in this same garden took only 10 days.   Similarly, the representative in Renfrewshire was shocked to see her spring garlic coming through after just six days as her autumn garlic had taken two and a half months to show itself.

Commercial director of Mr Fothergill’s Seeds, Tim Jeffries, commented, “These are very interesting results and make the campaign come to life. We set out to see how planting at different times of the year would affect growth and this certainly shows that. The spring garlic really is a fast mover!”

Direct comparison of autumn sown and spring sown garlic