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Save Time and Enjoy Fantastic Displays with the NEW Speedplanter from Mr Fothergill’s

February 19th, 2019 | News | 0 Comments

Mr Fothergill’s is delighted to introduce a new concept for patio gardeners which will help save our customers time and enable you to create fantastic floral displays. The Speedplanter is a quick and easy solution for hanging basket and container planting to create attractive displays in just 3 weeks!

The company’s Emilia Merola comments, “The Speedplanter is a totally new concept and is perfect for gardeners who are short on time or don’t have the growing space but still want to achieve beautiful and co-ordinated patio containers and hanging baskets which will last through the summer.”

  Save Time and Enjoy Fantastic Displays with the  NEW Speedplanter from Mr Fothergill’s

Each Speedplanter unit measures just under 30cm in diameter and approximately 8cm in height, and will arrive ready for immediate placing into a hanging basket or container. Available as themed collections, each planter comes with slow release fertiliser already included and is set with 7 individually chosen plants, which will root through the bottom of the planter, and then grow harmoniously together throughout the summer months and last well into early autumn.

Emilia comments “The idea is simple but so effective. Sales have been really encouraging so far, so we’ve increased the amount of units on order in anticipation of strong interest from our customers.”

To get the best results:

  • Drop the Speedplanter into a hanging basket or patio container
  • Top up with a little more potting compost where needed (a multi-purpose type is good)
  • In just a few weeks enjoy a gloriously planted floral display!

  Save Time and Enjoy Fantastic Displays with the  NEW Speedplanter from Mr Fothergill’s  Save Time and Enjoy Fantastic Displays with the  NEW Speedplanter from Mr Fothergill’s  Save Time and Enjoy Fantastic Displays with the  NEW Speedplanter from Mr Fothergill’s

Mr Fothergill’s is offering six colour themed Speedplanter collections, three suitable for hanging baskets and three more ideal for containers. All are priced at £16.95 each and will be delivered from late May 2019, head on over to to order.

How to Grow Herbs in Containers In Your Garden [video]

December 22nd, 2016 | The vegetable garden | 0 Comments

Grow herbs in containers in your garden for delicious, aromatic plants that look fantastic in pots and can transform your cooking. Grow several different types together and you’ll enjoy fresh pickings time and again. Hardy evergreen types such as sage will, in many areas, continue to produce leaves throughout the winter, they are a must for any cook! If you’d like to grow more herbs are start growing herbs, then this video is for you. 

Why is growing herbs in containers so such a great idea?

  • Growing herbs in containers means the potting soil can be tailored to suit the needs of each herb.
  • They are easy to move around the garden, creating attractive, edible displays.
  • Containers can be as conventional or quirky as you dare.
  • Sun-loving herbs originally from the Mediterranean look the part in terracotta pots and urns.
  • Galvanized tubs lend themselves to an eruption of luxurious foliage, while wicker-framed planters add a rustic touch.
  • You can have separate pots for each type of herb or group them together.

What to Grow

  • Most herbs will grow in containers
  • Mint is especially suited to its own pot due to its vigorous habit and tendency to spread and overwhelm neighbouring plants.
  • It’s important to match herbs that like the same growing conditions – for instance drought-tolerant herbs such as rosemary, lavender and thyme prefer full sun and well-drained potting soil. Chives and parsley make good companions in a shadier spot.

Planting a Herb Container

  • A terracotta container is perfect for a collection of sun-loving herbs; including rosemary, sage, a curry plant, thyme and golden oregano.
  • If your container doesn’t have a drainage hole, you’ll need to drill some.
  • Start by placing broken pieces of pot over the drainage hole, this is to prevent potting soil from washing out.
  • For the evergreen herbs chosen, you must use a very free draining potting soil. Mix soil-based potting soil with a few generous handfuls of grit, adding and mixing together in stages as you fill the container.
  • Arrange your herbs before you plant them and consider the growing habits of each. Set creeping or trailing herbs to the front and taller herbs to the back or middle. Bushier plants can go in between.
  • Once you’re happy with your arrangement, remove the herbs from pots and place them back in position. Fill in around the rootballs with more of potting soil and grit mix. Firm as you fill.
  • Thoroughly water the herbs to settle them, add more potting soil if necessary.
  • For added decoration you can finish the display with gravel, pebbles or shells.
  • For good drainage, add a plant stand underneath the container.

These are just a few tips on planting out herbs into containers. Do you have any top tips on growing herbs in containers? Let us know in the comments.