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Mr Fothergill’s offers Chelsea calendar and Scarlet Tunic in special offer

November 18th, 2016 | News | 0 Comments

Chelsea CalendarWe are continuing our fundraising links with the Royal Hospital Chelsea (RHC) through a special offer in the mail order catalogue on a light-hearted 2017 calendar featuring the Hospital’s famous Pensioners, and seed of a new sweet pea named Scarlet Tunic in their honour. The RHC calendar and a packet of seed of Scarlet Tunic costs just £12, with £6.00 being donated to the Hospital.
Entitled ”Laughing at Ourselves Yet Again”, the calendar is the work of writer, designer and illustrator Robin Ollington, who has a long association with the RHC. The inspiration for these very popular calendars originated in 2012, when he was involved in the collection of Pensioners’ memoirs.
While interviewing, Robin’s creative eye spotted various events and occasions that lent themselves to cartoon treatment and so the annual appearance of “Laughing at Ourselves” was born. Since then it has developed a loyal following. For example, the adventures of Ted, the fictitious ex-POW, who cannot get over his escape complex, are greatly anticipated, and some situations for cartoons are often suggested by the Pensioners themselves.
We hope that Britain’s gardeners will help it to raise more funds for the RHC. Customers have already helped raise more than £50,000 for the RHC through sales in 2015 and 2016 of its poppy Victoria Cross. Sweet pea Scarlet Tunic continues that backing for the veterans of the British Army. We were recently honoured by being granted Corporate Patron status by the Hospital.

Here you can find more information on Mr Fothergill’s range, or to request a catalogue here.