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New Radish Viola is people’s choice for Mr Fothergill’s catalogue cover

December 16th, 2016 | News | 0 Comments

Radish Viola Seed CatalogueThe variety featured on the front cover of the newly published 2017 seed catalogue from Mr Fothergill’s was chosen following an online poll. Radish Viola bolted to a clear victory with an overall majority against pepper Biquino Yellow and Zinnia Solmar Mixed F1. The radish’s large, crisp roots are violet-skinned and have crisp, tasty flesh. Their strong tops make pulling them easy; Viola is also resistant to bolting and splitting, and is ready for lifting 36-40 days after sowing. A packet of 250 seeds costs £2.19.

Second-placed Zinnia Solmar Mixed F1 is an early flowering mix which produces a beautiful display in pots, containers or borders. The attractive, large flower heads last well and have good heat and drought tolerance, plus excellent disease resistance. A packet of 20 seeds is offered at £3.99.

Also new and reinforcing the company’s support for 2017 as ‘Year of the Zinnia’ is Purple Prince (£2.19 for 75 seeds), with its intense rosy-purple blooms which are real ‘show-stoppers’ in containers or garden borders. This exciting annual needs little care to put on a summer-long display.

Third-placed chilli pepper Biquino Yellow is a small-fruited, teardrop-shaped strain from Brazil. Relatively mild and with a rather smoky flavour, the fruits are good in salads and stir-fries, eye-catchingly unusual as a garnish, while the plants are ornamental. A packet of 10 seeds of Biquino Yellow costs £2.35.

2017 is also the ‘Year of the Bean’, and we have several new varieties to support the campaign. Luz de Otono (£2.99 for 65 seeds) is the first autumn-cropping broad bean, while high-yielding climbing bean Python (£3.25 for 50 seeds) and runner beans Guinness Record (£3.25 for 45 seeds) self-pollinating Snowdrift (£3.25 for 40 seeds) and peach-flowered Aurora (£3.35 for 45 seeds) are all exclusive to Mr Fothergill’s.

For more information on Mr Fothergill’s range take a look on our website or to request a catalogue click here.