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Mr Fothergill’s fast growing trials have earliest ever peppers… plus pests!

August 26th, 2014 | News, The vegetable garden | 0 Comments

Mr Fothergill's Pepper TrialAlmost perfect growing conditions during July and into August have ensured plants on Mr Fothergill’s Suffolk trial ground have made more rapid growth than trials manager Brian Talman has seen for many years.

For example, peppers have been ripening faster than in any year he can remember.  But there is a downside, as pests and diseases have also been at work on Mr Fothergill’s rapidly growing plants.

“The conditions this year have been almost perfect, with plenty of sunshine, enough rainfall, albeit with some showers a bit on the heavy side, and warm nights.  All of this has led to everything growing consistently,” says Brian, who has worked in horticulture for 50 years.

To paraphrase the popular saying – every silver lining has a cloud, and Brian’s has come in the shape of pests and diseases, resulting in him having to be ever more vigilant. Flea beetle has completely wiped out several rows of radishes, while dwarf beans became diseased for the first time ever on the Newmarket trial ground.

“It was halo blight, a bacterial disease which I have not seen for many years,” comments Brian.

We’d love to hear from you about your unexpected triumphs – and disasters – in this year’s fabulous British summer.  What have you found happening in your garden this year due to the weather conditions we have been experiencing?

Nation of Gardeners results: Pepper Snackbite Mixed F1

March 3rd, 2014 | Nation of Gardeners, The vegetable garden | 0 Comments

Pepper Snackbite Mixed F1Snackbite Mixed F1 is a pepper that grows as compact plants producing sweet fruits which are perfect for ‘snacking’ on as they contain very few seeds.   This pepper can be grown in large pots and placed in a sheltered patio area.

Our Nation of Gardeners were asked to sow Snackbite Mixed F1 in January 2014.   The gardeners were asked to record details such as when the first pepper was picked from date of sowing, number of peppers over the season, size of plant etc.  to check for any variations around the country.

The table below charts their progress.

Location Elevation Date planted Date first signs of growth Notes
Cheshire 49m 26 January 3 February The peppers showed 100% germination. 10 seedlings from 10 seeds. King of the North was the quickest to germinate but after a couple of weeks both look exactly the same.
Renfrewshire 28m 18 January 23 February Pot placed on heated propagator mat.  4 out 5 seeds germinated.  As of 23/2/14 seedlings around 1.5 inches tall so transplanted to individual 7cm pots
North Devon 30-50m 22 January 6 February Sown on South East facing windowsill – no added heat source.  17/02 still only 2 seedlings showing.  24/02 3rd seedling showing, placed onto radiator for evening warmth and windowsill by day.  14/3/14 – potted onto larger pot for fresh compost and more growth – still slow but steady growth
Worcestershire 55m 27 January 19 February Sown in unheated windowsill propagator on East facing windowsill.  2 seedlings appeared by 19/2
Derbyshire 39m
Cumbria 90m
Ceredigion 131m 17 January 9 February Sown outside at 13C in caravan. Very slow to start.
Bristol 55m 30 January 7 February Sown in south facing room.
Suffolk 6m 21 January 28 January Pricked out 1 March.
Hertfordshire 150m 19 January 9 March Sown into West facing room.
Surrey 58m 26 January 2 February Sown into soil at 17c, room 16c. 20 February: 10 seedlings healthy and strong. 23 February: transplanted to larger pots
Pontypridd 157m 27 January 3 February 100% germination.  23 February: transplanted before true leaves formed as were getting leggy.
Buckinghamshire 66m 22 January 27 January Sown into West facing room. 4 out of 5 germinated.
Guildford 56m 28 January Sown on window sill in utility room. Slow to germinate but once appeared are very strong. KOTN quickest but both at the same stage by 4 March. 5 out of 6 germinated
Gloucestershire 74m 13 January Sown on south facing windowsill
Moray Elected not to sow
Derbyshire 241m 19 January 25 January Sown into South facing room in heated propagator. Looking strong.  100% germination. 8 March: potted on into individual pots. 2 true leaves showing.  21 March: 4 true leaves showing. 22 April: all strong and approximately 4 inches high