Sweet Pea September – Getting Ready for Autumn Sowing

Sweet pea SeptemberHere at Mr Fothergills we have a vast range of sweet pea seeds suitable for Autumn sowing. These beautifully scented blooms make dwarf hedging or can climb up trellis and are super cut flowers. We know the sweet pea has a special place amongst our gardeners’ affections and we’re delighted to offer a huge range of varieties to you. Nothing can beat the sweet pea for all round performance – garden decoration and wonderful fragrance in the garden and the vase.

All varieties in this post can be sown this Autumn for vigorous plants which are more resilient in dry conditions, and will flower for longer with larger flowers from May onwards.

In addition to these varieties of sweet pea, we still currently have the new Sweet Pea Scarlet Tunic. These are special sweet pea seeds and for every packet sold, 25p has been donated to the Royal Hospital Chelsea charity. So far, this has raised over £53, 542 for the Royal Hospital Chelsea. We’d love to keep this figure rising, so if you would like a fragrant, hardy annual sweet pea then why not try the Scarlet Tunic.

These Sweet Peas despatch now, ready for sowing throughout Autumn. Let us know which of the Sweet Pea variety is your favourite. 

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