Super scented new verbena

September 15th, 2017 | Plant Talk with Graham Rice | 0 Comments

Verbena 'Scentsation'

Fragrance is something we all enjoy. So when a new variety comes along that adds scent to colourful but more or less fragrance-free flowers then we should all take notice. And that’s what happened back in 2014 when Mr F introduced a new verbena, discovered on the trial ground by Trials Manager Brian Talman. I wrote up ‘Talman’s Fragrant Treasure’ on my RHS New Plants blog at the time.

It was lovely, and deliciously scented – but only came in the one colour and was only produced from cuttings. But, looking ahead, Brian said: “I knew that if this plant passed on its colour and fragrance to its offspring, that we would be onto a winner.’ And that’s exactly what’s happened.

Mr F are introducing a seed raised variety derived from ‘Talman’s Fragrant Treasure’. It’s called ‘Scentsation’ and it comes in a blend of white plus a range of soft shades including blushed white, soft purple with a white eye, deep pink, and pale cerise with a white eye.

The plants are bushy and even in height and Brian told me: “Germination is exceptional and, while all verbenas get mildew in the end, this one gets it later than any verbena we grow. And on a sunny summer’s afternoon the scent it lovely.”

It’s easy to grow from seed as a half hardy annual and it retains that delicious perfume.

You can order seed of Verbena ‘Scentsation’ only from Mr Fothergill’s.

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