St Joseph’s High School’s vertical garden blossoms for Horwich in Bloom

St Joseph’s High School students

These amazing baskets and troughs are being taken care by St Antony’s Support centre which is based at St Joseph’s High School in Horwich.

This centre is a very special place were young people which are maybe suffering with anger, social or friendship issues can visit to take time out and speak with Counsellors Mr Charnley and Miss Philpott.  It’s vitally important to give these young people a place to come and relax, and having the building surrounded by flowers makes it even more special.

Miss Philpott explains more “St Anthony’s is a place to talk openly and relax, we even have a little veg plot were we grow vegetables to make into soup to sell, raising money for charity.  The Young people who come here are really great and help out painting and watering the plants.”

Everyone relaxes better in a haven of plants and flowers and this school is harnessing the power of the world around them to help their young people.  They were over the moon with the donation of seeds from Mr Fothergills and the baskets and troughs from Horwich in Bloom. The Young People and the staff have worked so hard to create a wonderfully beautiful centre the school must be incredibly proud of their achievements.

Pictured are St Joseph’s High School students Camryn, Anna and Shannon 

Mr Fothergill’s have supplied St Joseph’s High School with all the seeds they need to produce a really beautiful school garden this year as part of Horwich in Bloom.  The blog posts are written by Vicki Robinson, who writes for the Bury Times and the Bolton News and is involved in Horwich In Bloom for 2015.

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