Sowing seeds in the sunshine at the Woolaston Primary School Garden


On a bright sunny day at the end of April, three Mums helped Woolaston Primary’s reception class gardeners get a big batch of seeds sown.  The group set up three planting stations, so each child could have a go at peas, salad crops and flowers.

Planting up sweet peasThe pea sowing was so popular that the children filled a whole raised bed with them. Freshly popped peas are bound to be a favourite when it comes to harvest time, so the children were left to this task.   A random collection of old window boxes, upcycled fruit punnets and battered flowerpots did quite nicely for everything else.

Groups that finished early were able to get a few extra jobs done.  The group sowed a couple of lines of leeks at the end of the already established broad bean bed, and the children sowed calendula down the sides to add some colour.   Others did a spot of weeding and watering or potted on the earlier sown tomato plants that now needed more growing space.  The tomatoes have been grown in coir cells – which makes it nice and easy for the children to handle when potting up, a top tip for other school garden clubs if they are reading!

Fast forward to three weeks on from this mammoth sowing session, and there is now life in the garden!

Lots and lots of peas, carrots, beetroot and radishes are pushing up shoots, but the salad leaf and flower seeds aren’t doing much at the moment. Perhaps these were sown a bit early in the season, but the group haven’t given up hope yet.

Tomato plants growing wellThe broad beans and sweet peas sown back in February and March are growing at a rapid pace.

The sweet peas have been developing well since sowing and have been hardening off in a sheltered spot.   This week the children planted them out in a raised bed of their own with plenty of sticks and string to scramble up.  Fingers crossed the children will be all set to enter Mr Fothergill’s sweet pea competition in July with lots of lovely blooms.

Half term is just around the corner.  The class is looking forward to seeing how much everything has grown when they get back!



Sown in this session were:


Planting out sweet peas

Mr Fothergill’s have supplied Woolaston Primary School with all the seeds they need to produce a really productive school garden this year.  The Woolaston Primary School gardening blog posts are written by school parent Mary Hamblyn.  She also blogs at  

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