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July 15th, 2016 | Plant Talk with Graham Rice | 0 Comments

Wallflower 'Sugar Rush' flowers in both autumn and spring. - (scent)The scent of wallflowers is one of the delights of spring, especially after a shower. But the ‘Sugar Rush’ wallflower, developed in Norfolk, is not only scented but flowers in the autumn as well as the spring!

This one of the most useful developments in seasonal flowers as instead of a boring green bush sitting in your containers for six months before the plants flower, plant them in September and your ‘Sugar Rush’ wallflowers will flower in October and November. They’ll then take a break for the coldest months of the winter and start blooming again in march.

PDianthus 'Festival Mixed' flowers in autumn as well as spring.  - (scent)lants are little more than 35cm high, ideal in containers, and the mixture comes with six traditional wallflower colours including a fiery yellow-eyed orange.

Oh – and in dry spells you can turn on the scent with a quick spray with the mister!

But wait, there’s more. There’s also a Sweet William that flowers in the autumn as well as the spring. ‘Festival’ comes in five colours and bicolours and at 25cm the plants are a little shorter than the ‘Sugar Rush’ wallflowers. The flowers are large, too, about 4cm and each is prettily fringed. And of course there’s the scent – a mixture of sweetness and cloves.

As with the ‘Sugar Rush’ wallflowers, ‘Festival’ will flower in October and November, take a break and then get started again in March and continue till the end of May.

Just don’t mix the two in one container: the colours don’t look so good mixed together and you’ll lose the purity of the fragrances. So give them separate containers.

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