Optigrow Vegetable Range Marks Biggest Advancement in Seed Technology Since F1 Hybrids

We are marking 40 years of business in 2018, with what could be the most exciting development for home gardeners since the introduction of F1 hybrid seed varieties.

In a first for home gardeners, we are bringing revolutionary Swedish seed priming technology to 20 of its most popular garden vegetable varieties in a brand new Optigrow seed range for the 2018 sowing season.

Priming, previously only practical for commercial farmers and growers is now available with this new, all natural, vitalising process.

Not only do Optigrow seeds promise superfast germination, they are also proven to produce vigorous seedlings able to out-grow competing weeds. Extensive trialing of Optigrow seeds under garden conditions has consistently produced more uniform crops, better harvests, and quality vegetables.

There is also evidence that germination becomes possible under a wider range of conditions, allowing gardeners to sow Optigrow seeds in colder, warmer and drier conditions than the ideal.

In comparison trials nearly 80% of Optigrow-treated Carrot Amsterdam seed germinated within 50 hours from sowing, compared to 90 hours for the same percentage of standard seed.

Unlike chemical seed coatings commonly seen on the market, Optigrow uses just water and air to get the seed biologically ready for germination, breaking dormancy prior to use. It is then quickly dried back to a storable state for packing, just like any other seed. The treatment means seeds wake up and get underway within hours of hitting the soil.

Mr Fothergill’s Retail Marketing Manager, Ian Cross, said:

“All Mr Fothergill’s seeds are quality tested to ensure high germination rates, but we are always looking to make our best sellers even better. The world exclusive launch of the Optigrow range marks a real step change in the seed market and is certainly the most exciting development since the introduction of F1 hybrids. These super-charged seeds will take the worry out of vegetable sowings and bring benefits right through to harvest.”

The Optigrow range will be available from garden centres from January 2018.

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