Versatility in green

May 12th, 2017 | Plant Talk with Graham Rice | 0 Comments

Nicotiana 'Lime Green' Which colour goes with everything? Certainly not orange, or pink or purple. White, perhaps? Not so good with hot colours… The answer, you’ve probably guessed, is green and not just green foliage. Green flowers make attractive associations with flowers of any other colour and with foliage too.

Of course, the problem is that there aren’t all that many plants with green flowers. Zinnia ‘Envy’ is one, but what you get is a mix of a few well-shaped double flowers along with quite a few singles and semi-doubles: not impressive.

Nicotiana ‘Lime Green’, on the other hand, is consistently well-coloured and you also have the opportunity to grow it from seed, although it’s getting a little late for that, or buying plants in which case I recommend ordering now in case they sell out.

And it really does look good with a wide variety of flowers. Interplant it between sultry chocolate or purple dahlias, or with scarlet dahlias and fiery crocosmias. ‘Lime Green’ also looks good with pastel blues and pinks and has the enviable quality of calming some of the more lively mixtures of hardy and half hardy annuals such as annual chrysanthemums, petunias and summer sweet William.

It also works very well with foliage plants such as coleus, purple kale grown as an ornamental, rhubarb chard, silver-leaved helichrysums and perennials including salvias, phlox, penstemons, echinaceas and hardy geraniums.

Nicotiana ‘Lime Green’ is truly one of the most versatile of summer flowers.

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