New scented sweet pea blend

September 29th, 2017 | Plant Talk with Graham Rice | 0 Comments

Sweet Pea 'Lady Salisbury' blend

Last year, Mr F launched a new kind of sweet pea mixture. Called ‘Scarlet Tunic’, it was a blend of five different varieties that were all more or less the same colour. I wrote it up on my RHS New Plants blog at the time. The result was a combination of good colours, fine fragrance, and a long season – more than would ever be possible with just one variety

This year sees the introduction of another blend in a similar style, ‘Lady Salisbury’ (above). This is made up of six different varieties: all are long stemmed Modern Grandiflora types, all are white or cream, most with a blue or mauve picotee, and five of the six are very strongly scented.

‘Albutt Blue’ is white with blue picotee; ‘Cream Eggs’ is cream with a mauve-blue picotee and the only one that is less than very strongly scented; ‘More Scent’ is cream with mauve blush and is an improvement even on ‘Hi Scent’, previously the best scented of all sweet peas; ‘Cathy’ is pure cream; ‘Romeo’ is white with mauve picotee; ‘Bramdean’ is white, sometimes with pale pink blush.

Bring all those six fine varieties together into a super-scented harmonious blend and the result is ‘Lady Salisbury’. Named for the patron of Capel Manor College, a British centre of excellence in horticultural education which Mr F has also supported enthusiastically over the years, her garden at Hatfield House is famous the world over.

Sow sweet pea ‘Lady Salisbury’ in Deep Rootrainers in October or late in the winter.

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