Nation of Gardeners results: Sweet Pea Old Spice Mixed

Sweet Pea Old Spice MixedSweet Pea Old Spice Mixed is from many of the traditional varieties and with regular picking produces a long flowering season.

Sweet peas be sown indoors or in a coldframe or greenhouse from in the autumn, though they need protecting from the frosts during the colder months of winter.  Alternatively, they can be grown in the Spring.  This plant grows to a height of 72″.

Our Nation of Gardeners were asked to sow Sweet Pea Old Spice Mixed in October 2013 to test autumn sowing against spring sowing.  They will be asked to sow the same variety again in Spring 2014 from a fresh batch of seeds.  The table below charts their progress.

Location Elevation Date planted/sown Date first emerged Notes
Cheshire 49m 14 October 23 October By early November 37 of 40 seeds sown have germinated.
Renfrewshire 28m 13 October 22 October Planted in root trainers and left on bench at window in unheated potting shed.
North Devon 30-50m 18 October 25 October Planted 5 to a pot and placed in unheated porch before being moved to coldframe. 30 of 45 germinated.
Worcestershire 55m 20 October 24 October 100% germination seen by early November, though subsequently some have been eaten.
Derbyshire 39m 19 October 24 October Sown in pots on windowsill indoors. Moved one week later to a coldframe.
Cumbria 90m 29 October nothing yet!
Ceredigion 131m 12 October 21 October 100% germination
Bristol 55m 14 October 21 October 27 of 32 sown have germinated. By 18 November, they had reached approx 16″ in height.
Suffolk 6m 13 October/20 October 23 October/31 October First sowing made 13 October, a second sowing made 20 October
Hertfordshire 150m 16 October 22 October Sown into windowsill seed tray and placed in unheated greenhouse
Surrey 58m 21 October
Pontypridd 157m 16 October 22 October 100% germination by 13 November
Buckinghamshire 66m 15 October 20 October
Guildford 56m 16 October Almost 100% germination
Gloucestershire 74m 28 October 7 November Planted into pots in cold greenhouse
Derbyshire 241m 13 October 23 October Sown x10 in two pots and put straight in the coldframe.  By 3 November 80% germination ‘witnessed’, however the seedlings have also been eaten – leaving only 5 plants by 9 November so more may have germinated and been eaten before recording.  By 6 Jan all have been eaten. None left!

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