Nation of Gardeners results: Potato Charlotte

Charlotte PotatoesCharlotte Potatoes are a well known variety of second early potato that produces a reliable crop of waxy ‘salad’ potatoes that also store well after the summer has departed.

Our Nation of Gardeners were supplied with 10 Charlotte Potatoes each and were asked to grow half of them into patio planter bags supplied by Mr Fothergill’s.  The other half, for comparison purposes, were to be grown in the open ground to measure performance, cropping time and yield differences between the two.  The table below charts their progress and records the different growing methods used by the participants.

Location Elevation Date planted Date first signs of growth Notes
Cheshire 49m Received 2nd batch for chitting on 2 February

Planted 17 March

Potatoes chitted on 17/1/14 but were eaten by rodents on 24/1/14.  2nd batch received 2 February. 17 March: half planted into patio planter and other half planted in ground
Renfrewshire 28m Received 18 January Started chitting as of 18/2/14.  Not planted as yet.
North Devon 30-50m Received 17 January Placed into egg boxes for chitting in porch 17/01. By 17/02 Still chitting away in porch awaiting calmer/drier weather
Worcestershire 55m Received 17 January Currently chitting – good growth on shoots.
Derbyshire 39m
Cumbria 90m
Ceredigion 131m Received 17 January Currently Chitting in North East facing unheated room. Shoots about 1cm 11/02/2014
Bristol 55m Received c. 17 January Currently Chitting.
Suffolk 6m Received 17 January Chitting on a west facing windowsill
Hertfordshire 150m Received 17 JanuaryPlanted 9 March 2 February Chitted in West facing room.  9 March: half planted to patio planter
Surrey 58m Received 18 January Chitting in South West facing room. 12 March: Slow to chit, so haven’t planted these as yet
Pontypridd 157m Received 17 January In shed chitting – strong shoots appearing.  Planning to plant mid-March
Buckinghamshire 66m Received 17 January
Guildford 56m Received 17 January Chitting in egg boxes in west facing room. 4 march: very few shoots
Gloucestershire 74m Planted in growing bag 13 February inside at 10 degrees C

The others chitting from 13 February

Planted half the batch in growing bag 13 February inside at 10 degrees C. Others left to chit.
Moray Planted in growing bag 30 January

The others chitting

Growing bag potatoes planted 30 January. Planted with manure in the bottom of bag.
Derbyshire 241m Received 19 January

Planted into patio planters 29 March and to the ground 30 March

24 January


Patio planters showing through compost – 15 April

Chitting steadily and slowly in airy, light room in the house. First signs of growth 5 days after receipt.  15 April: patio planted version showing through compost

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