Nation of Gardeners results: Papaver Place Pigalle

Papaver Place PigallePapaver Place Pigalle is a hardy perennial papaver that has large white blooms, edged and picoted in salmon-red and grow to a height of 18″.  Flowers in late spring/early summer.

Our Nation of Gardeners were asked to plant a bare root variety of Papaver Place Pigalle in November 2013 to test raising these bare root perennials in exposed and sheltered situations over winter.  They were sent two plants – one for planting in the open ground and one for planting in a pot and protecting in a coldframe or greenhouse. Results from each method will be examined in Spring and Summer 2014.  The table below charts their progress.

Location Elevation Date planted Date first signs of growth Notes
Cheshire 49m 12 November 15 November 2cm growth as at 30/11/13 in both plants.
Renfrewshire 28m 9 November 16 November (ground plant) and 18 November (potted plant) Modest growth seen in both plants with ground plant establishing slightly earlier.
North Devon 30-50m 8 and 9 November 20 November Planted in pot on 8 November and in ground on 9 November.  The potted version is showing more growth by end of November.
Worcestershire 55m 10 November Planted both on same date. 17 November: Covered ground planted perennials with umbrella cloche due to severe weather warning.
Derbyshire 39m 10 November
Cumbria 90m 8 November Planted both on same date. Settled in well.
Ceredigion 131m 8 November Planted both on same date. In the open ground planted into partial sunny position. In pot, planted into sunny position.
Bristol 55m 9 and 11 November 9 December One planted into coldframe on 9 November and one into ground on 11 November.  9 December: Some new leaf growth.
Suffolk 6m 9 November 1 December Planted one into coldframe and one into garden.  By 1 December new leaf growth was observed on both plants.
Hertfordshire 150m 23 November
Surrey 58m
Pontypridd 157m 10 November 27 November (pot)
Buckinghamshire 66m 10 November
Guildford 56m
Gloucestershire 74m 5 November No sign of growth by late November
Derbyshire 241m 9 November 25 November (open ground); 1 December (coldframe) One planted in pot and put into coldframe with slug protection. One planted in open ground with slug protection. 16 November: both showing growth, the coldframe version is stronger.

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