Nation of Gardeners results: Garlic Solent Wight

Garlic Solent WightGarlic Solent Wight produces very large bulbs and is a softneck variety which makes them better for storage.  All of Mr Fothergill’s garlic is grown on the Isle of Wight in the traditional way, and though most people plant into open ground, they can also be grown in pots on the patio.

Our Nation of Gardeners were asked to plant Garlic Solent Wight 1″ deep in October 2013 to test autumn sowing against spring sowing.  They will be asked to sow the same variety again in Spring 2014 from a fresh batch.  The table below charts their progress.

Location Elevation Date planted/sown Date first emerged Notes
Cheshire 49m 15 October 18 November Planted in pots and in open ground. Some growth in both planting aspects seen by 18 November – 1 shoot in each. By 11/12/13 three shoots in the washing up bowl and 8 in the garden. Shoots are 2cm approx.
Renfrewshire 28m 13 October Planted in open beds with tip 1” below surface.
North Devon 30-50m 14 October 1 November Planted in a raised bed. 16 of 21 planted showing by 15 November
Worcestershire 55m 20 October 17 November. Some root growth seen on spot check.
Derbyshire 39m 15 October 50% were planted in beds that have been previously manured (2-3 months earlier).  Other 50% sown in troughs.
Cumbria 90m 24 October First time this gardener has tried planting in autumn. No previous success with spring planting.
Ceredigion 131m 12 October 17 December Planted in unprotected bucket. 11 cloves in total.
Bristol 55m 12 October 30 October Planted in a raised bed. 30 October: 1 shoot only. By 18 November shoots are emerging from the rest of the crop.
Suffolk 6m 17 October
Hertfordshire 150m 15 October
Surrey 58m 20 October 19 November.  Some roots seen on a spot check of the planting.
Pontypridd 157m 19 October 20 cloves sown.  Some roots seen when reseating the cloves.
Buckinghamshire 66m 12 October 30 October
Guildford 56m 16 October
Gloucestershire 74m 15 October 7 November Root growth observed on 7 November
Derbyshire 241m 13 October 9 November Planted in open beds with tip 1” below surface.  By 9 November, 1 shoot has emerged – on a clove that had become unseated by a bird and so is no longer 1” below surface. By 23 November, there are 3 shoots; by 14 December there are 6 shoots; and by 13 January there are 15 shoots.

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