Nation of Gardeners results: Coriander Calypso

Coriander CalypsoThese Coriander Calypso are bred to be slow to run to seed and to branch low down, creating uniform bushy plants that are perfectly suited to ‘cut and come again’ cropping, re-growing for 3-4 ‘cuts’

Coriander is wonderfully aromatic and full of flavour and can be added to  a variety of dishes including summer salads.

Our Nation of Gardeners were asked to plant Coriander Calypso in December 2013 as part of a windowsill growing challenge during the colder months of the year.  The table below charts their progress.



Location Elevation Date planted Date first signs of growth Notes
Cheshire 49m 17 December 24 December Sown into 8″ pots onto a North East facing windowsill. Rapid growth etiolated seedlings however so very weak and leggy
Renfrewshire 28m 16 December 26 December Sown indoors on South facing windowsill. 31 December: Good germination and seedlings looking very strong.
North Devon 30-50m 12 December 9 January Sown outdoors in coldframe against North West facing wall. Outer pot did not provide good drainage, and seeds became water-logged. Removed outer pot and first sight of growth seen 09/01
Worcestershire 55m 28 December 11 January Sown indoors on South facing windowsill.
Derbyshire 39m
Cumbria 90m 18 January Sown indoors on North facing windowsill
Ceredigion 131m 6 December 17 December Sown indoors on North West facing windowsill.
Bristol 55m 10 December 19 December Sown indoors on South facing windowsill.
Suffolk 6m 7 December 12 December Sown in propagator at 22 degrees C then moved to a West facing windowsill once germinated.
Hertfordshire 150m 8 December 15 December Sown indoors on North West facing windowsill.
Surrey 58m 27 December 3 January Sown indoors on South West facing windowsill. Coriander germinating faster than basil – both just starting to come through. 04.01.14
Pontypridd 157m 15 December 21 December (indoors)not yet (outdoors) Indoor sowings on North facing windowsill.  Seedlings have started to get leggy by end of month.Outdoor sowings in South facing coldframe show no sign of germination.
Buckinghamshire 66m 15 December 22 December Sown indoors on West facing windowsill.
Guildford 56m
Gloucestershire 74m 31 December Indoor sowings on South facing windowsill, overshadowed by trees.
Derbyshire 241m 14 December and 27 December 23 December (for the 14 December sowing) and 3 January (27 December sowing) Indoor sowings on South facing windowsill.  Sowed again on 27 December into heated propagator and saw germination by 4 January.  Very leggy seedlings from the propagator, windowsill seedlings look healthier even though they took a little longer.



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