Nation of Gardeners results: Broad Bean Aguadulce

Broad Beans AguadulceBroad Bean Aguadulce can be sown from October through til February as long as the sowing conditions are adequate – do not sow when very cold or when ground is waterlogged.  They must be planted 2″ deep and 9″ apart in their growing positions.  Seedlings usually appear in 14-24 days.  Grows to a height of 40″.

Our Nation of Gardeners were asked to sow Broad Bean Aguadulce in October 2013 to test autumn sowing against spring sowing.  They will be asked to sow the same variety again in Spring 2014 from a fresh batch of seeds.  The table below charts their progress.

Location Elevation Date planted/sown Date first emerged Notes
Cheshire 49m 17 October 23 October Sown in open ground.  By early November 45 of 50 sown have emerged.
Renfrewshire 28m 13 October 31 October Sown in a raised bed with manure and enriched compost.  Additional sowings made in pots on 19 October that have been put in a coldframe.  Raised bed sowings cloche-protected on 17 November.
North Devon 30-50m 14 October 23 October 18 sown in raised bed with 100% germination.
Worcestershire 55m 20 October 4 November 3 separate methods of planting used. By 10 November all seeds germinated at the same rate.
Derbyshire 39m 15 October 6 November Sown in beds that had been manured 2-3 months prior. By 6 November 42 of 50 sown had emerged
Cumbria 90m 24 October nothing yet! Timing and weather prevented earlier sowing.
Ceredigion 131m 12 October 23 November 18 planted in a raised bed. 100% germination
Bristol 55m 14 October 25 October Sown in a raised bed previously occupied by potatoes previous season. 100% germination, with 14″ growth by 18 November.  On 18 November: Fleece-protected the crop
Suffolk 6m 17 October 1 November By mid November 16 of 20 have emerged.
Hertfordshire 150m 15 October 27 October Planted in vegetable plot enriched with bought compost
Surrey 58m 20 October 49 plants growing in total
Pontypridd 157m 19 October 27 October By 13 November, 26 of 28 had germinated
Buckinghamshire 66m 14 October 20 October 16 November: Fleece-protected the crop
Guildford 56m 16 October
Gloucestershire 74m 28 October 7 November Planted in pots into a cold greenhouse
Derbyshire 241m 13 October 2 November Sown in open beds.  By 9 November, 15 out of 18 sown have emerged.


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