Nation of Gardeners results: Tomato Ferline plants

Tomato Ferline F1Tomato Ferline F1  are a blight tolerant variety that produces superb quality standard sized fruit with a wonderful flavour.  Tolerance to blight, Fusarium and Verticillium, this is an indeterminate variety, for healthier crops outdoors or in a greenhouse.

Our Nation of Gardeners were asked to sow Tomato Ferline F1 in March 2014 for, predominantly, outdoor growing, though the gardeners may also choose to grow some of their plants in a greenhouse if they wish.  In April, the same variety was supplied again as plants as a comparative trial against the March sown seeds.  Mr Fothergill’s are looking for reports on yield and flavour, but also disease resistance if any of the gardeners previously have experienced problems with blight and other diseases this variety is bred for tolerance against.

The table below charts their progress.

Location Elevation Date planted Date first bloom/fruit Notes
Cheshire 49m 10 April Planted straight to open ground. West facing position.
Renfrewshire 28m 10 April Placed in plastic grow house
North Devon 30-50m 13 April Potted on to east facing windowsill.
Worcestershire 55m 10 April 15 May Planted out 3 May in west facing position. The first flowers have appeared 15/5
Herefordshire 11 April Potted and left by front door- west facing. 30 April: very slow to put on growth so moved to the poly tunnel
Cumbria 90m 10 April Planted into greenhouse.
Ceredigion 131m 11 April Planted into greenhouse – strong, speedy plants.
Bristol 55m 10 April Planted into conservatory
Suffolk 6m 10 April Planted into the greenhouse
Hertfordshire 150m 11 April Planted into greenhouse in growbags. Planted into growbag outside on the 5th May
Surrey 58m 10 April Planted into greenhouse in south west facing position. A strong plant, very healthy. Grown in pots. 16/05/14
Pontypridd 157m 10 April Supplied as strong established plants. Have doubled in size since first planted. In process of hardening off and will go into final positions in a few weeks time.
Buckinghamshire 66m
Guildford 56m
Gloucestershire 74m 17 April Planted into the greenhouse. South facing position
Moray 10 April Planted into greenhouse. South facing position
Derbyshire 241m 10 April 17 May 15/04/2014 – all well established a few days after potting on to compost – indoors overnight, outside during the days to keep hardened off.  30 April: Stronger plants that are more hardy looking than the seed sown plants from previous month. 17 May: first yellow flowers


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