Nation of Gardeners results: Strawberry Buddy spring planted

Strawberry BuddyStrawberry Buddy is an everbearing variety that will provide a continuous supply of large, deep red berries from June through to October. Bred from a breeding programme at East Malling to develop varieties suitable to our ever changing climate.  Buddy has a ground cover habit and will continue to produce sweet tasting fruits, even in very hot weather.

Our Nation of Gardeners were originally asked to plant 12 bare root plants of variety Strawberry Buddy in November 2013 to test raising these bare root plants over winter in the open ground.  Mr Fothergill’s believes that autumn planted strawberries benefit from planting at this time in order to gain best fruiting results the following summer.  In March 2014 our gardeners were asked to plant out another 12-plant spring consignment of the same variety to test this theory.

The table below charts their progress.

Location Elevation Date planted Date first signs of growth Notes
Cheshire 49m 17 March 21 March Planted in open ground in west facing position.
Renfrewshire 28m
North Devon 30-50m
Worcestershire 55m
Herefordshire 16 March 16 March Planted in raised bed on open site
Cumbria 90m
Ceredigion 131m
Bristol 55m
Suffolk 6m
Hertfordshire 150m 15 March 20 March Planted in open ground alongside the autumn planted Strawberries in partial shade position.
Surrey 58m
Pontypridd 157m 15 March 22 March Planted in open ground in south facing position. Established quickly and are now the same size as the autumn sown, but no flowers yet 13/04/2014
Buckinghamshire 66m 30 March Soaked in water before planting out in pots.
Guildford 56m
Gloucestershire 74m 13 March Planted out in raised beds in south facing position
Derbyshire 241m 16 March 20 March Planted in open ground on south facing plot. 10 live plants on arrival, x2 DOA. By 23 March they have established well. 12 April: two plants look dwarfed.

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