Munakuppis and Microgreens

In the depths of winter we sent out a little gift to our group known as the Nation of Gardeners.  These have been a strong and loyal band of enthusiastic growers testing out new seed varieities for us and trialling our products… along with testing our assumptions!

After all this hard work for us through the last 18 months, we sent out a box of fun in December.  In that box were items that were hard to resist, and so much so, that our group just had to set a few of them going.

Our Munakuppi Grow Kits have been selling really well in the year since we launched them.  They made for great stocking fillers for kids (and big kids!) over Christmas and are a fun way of growing ‘cress heads’ with children.  Our group of gardeners  set to work growing their own little Munakuppi pets and have given us this Rogues’ Gallery, which brings a smile on a dreary UK winter’s day.

Rogues' gallery of Munakuppis


Microgreens just started

Many of our gardeners also used the microgreens kit that we sent them.  On these trays they germinated Coriander, Basil and Rocket to make punchy well flavoured microgreen leaves to add to winter salads and garnishes.  A great way to use a windowsill to full effect even when the days are cold and the light levels are low.

The kits are shallow trays to hold water, with a perforated platform on which to sow the seeds on top of dampened kitchen towel.  They are super simple to set up for even the most novice of gardener, and take up the smallest of spaces too.  All that is needed to get the microgreens going is a regular spraying of water to keep the seeds damp and nourished until their roots push through the paper towel and reach down into the water in the tray below.

What did you grow over winter this year?


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