Mud, mud, glorious mud for the Incredible Edible Ilfracombe pre-school garden club

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Launched back in January and meeting fortnightly, the Incredible Edible Ilfracombe pre-school club is proving to be a fun and hands-on experience for families wishing to start/learn more about growing our own food together.

Making seedbombs in Ilfracombe

With half-term on our hands and the first opportunity to involve older siblings and friends, a great tutorial on making seed bombs popped up on Twitter;

  • 1 part mixed salad seed
  • 1 part compost to 5 parts sticky clay consistency soil

What a great idea, a spot of cheeky food sharing throughout town and a hands on muddy activity for the kids to really get involved with.

So, the first task chosen, we just had to decide on what to fill our seed bombs with, and we chose Radish Patricia, Spring Onion – Lilia, and American Land Cress.

Unfortunately, the morning of our meeting brought rain, and a lot of it.  Parts of the garden were looking more like an episode of Peppa Pig with muddy puddles everywhere.

Reluctant to postpone, the polytunnel became a make-shift shelter so the planned activities could continue with hope the weather would ease.  Local artist Francesca Owen helped to create to the seed bomb gloopy mixture whilst eager parents and the younger children were paper pot making, seed sowing and labelling up Globe Artichoke and Asparagus Ariane seed for our newly constructed permanent raised beds.

Thankfully the rains eased enough for a brave few to get outside and plant some Sarpo Mira main crop potatoes. Dug straight into the ground which had previously been prepared with a ‘lasagne’ technique of layered cardboard and manure.

The children squealed with delight when numerous wiggly worms were found and holes were haphazardly dug out for burying the potatoes within. We chose to not chit our potatoes, with the jury out on should we/shouldn’t we – it was felt best to take the opportunity and to just get them into the ground.

As the rains returned, we all retreated to the shed for well earned pancakes and hot cocoa with the promise of spring and outdoor picnics to look forward to.

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Mr Fothergill’s have supplied the Incredible Edible pre-school garden club with all the seeds they need to produce a really productive school garden this year.  The Incredible Edible pre-school gardening blog posts are written by parent Lindsay Derbyshire who also co-ordinates Incredible Edible Ilfracombe.  Find out more about Incredible Edible on their Facebook page 

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