Mr Fothergill’s Super-Sweet Cabbage ‘Amazing’ According to Jamie Oliver

cabbage cabice

“This is amazing – let’s get it on the menu tonight!” was Jamie Oliver’s reaction when he tasted a new super-sweet cabbage from Mr Fothergill’s, according to a report in The Sun TV Magazine by Peter Seabrook, who took two heads of Cabice F1 to Jamie’s Fifteen restaurant. Cabbage Cabice F1 has a super-sweet flavour, halfway between that of a crisp lettuce and a conventional cabbage, making it versatile enough to be eaten raw shredded in salads or steamed and served hot.

The ballhead variety produces firm, dense, crisp heads, which can weigh up to 2kg (4.4lb) each, and stand in good condition in the ground for several weeks without loss of condition or flavour. Cabice F1 is a short-stemmed, compact grower with small outer leaves, making it a good choice for smaller gardens and raised beds.

Seed of cabbage Cabice F1 can be sown indoors from February to April, and outdoors in a seed bed from March to July. Depending on sowing time, the heads can be harvested from late May through to October. A packet of 30 seeds costs £3.30. Mr Fothergill’s is also offering 15 plants of cabbage Cabice F1 for £6.95, with delivery from mid May onwards.

To request a copy of Mr Fothergill’s Seed Catalogue 2016, go online at, telephone 0845 371 0518 or write to Mr Fothergill’s, Gazeley Road, Kentford, Suffolk CB8 7QB.

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