Mr Fothergill’s July sweet pea competition is gaining lots of interest on social media

Sweet Pea Tiller GirlsNews of Mr Fothergill’s national sweet pea competition with £2,500 up for grabs has been causing quite a stir on social media, and especially among schools, which can receive a free packet of seeds to grow their plants for the event which takes place on Saturday 18 July 2015 at Capel Manor College in north London.  The company’s social media coordinator Debbie Porter says, “Lots of schools are signing up for their free packet of our new sweet pea Tiller Girls, while many people have been tweeting, having found the blog about the competition.  It’s creating quite an impact, and there is even a ‘just-for-fun’ category for gardening writers and broadcasters!”

Gardeners who fancy their chances of winning a slice of the £2,500 on offer in Mr Fothergill’s national sweet pea growing competition can still sow seed during February or early March to produce blooms for mid July.  Sow five or six seeds per 12cm pot of multipurpose compost at a depth of 1cm.  Water thoroughly, allow to drain and place pots on a windowsill, or in cold frame or greenhouse.  Do not water again until seedlings emerge, usually in seven to 14 days.  When two pairs of leaves have formed, pinch out the growing tip to encourage bushy growth.  Set out young plants individually 20cm apart, supporting them with a network of canes and netting.

Entrants may either post their blooms in a two-litre soft drinks bottle or come to the college on the day of the show to stage their flowers.  The company has devised a method of ensuring postal entries to arrive in good condition and details are available at the company’s website  There are six categories, first, second and third prizes for which are:

1     General Class £250/£150/£100.                        2     General Postal Class £250/£150/£100.

3     Individual Junior Class* £125/£75/£50.           4     Individual Junior Postal Class* £125/£75/£50.

5  School/Group Junior Class £250/£150/£100.     6 School/Group Junior Postal Class £250/£150/£100.

*These prizes will be given as Garden Centre Gift Vouchers.

You can view and order from our extensive range of sweet pea seeds from Mr Fothergill’s on the website, or by mail order from our catalogue.

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