Mr Fothergill’s Boosts its Seaweed Plant Tonic Offering with NEW Seasol 4-Litre

Mr Fothergill’s Boosts its Seaweed Plant Tonic Offering with NEW Seasol 4-Litre

As spring is just around the corner and greenhouse gardeners are about to start sowing, Mr Fothergill’s offers a natural seaweed concentrate that improves seed germination and root growth. Studies confirmed that soaking seeds in Seasol prior to sowing, or watering with Seasol immediately after sowing, gives seeds the best possible start in life and leads to vigorous, uniform plants.

The 1 litre Seasol is now stocked in over 650 retail outlets nationwide, but Mr Fothergill’s has launched the seaweed-based plant tonic in a 4-litre bottle for the 2019 season.

Ian Cross, Mr Fothergill’s Marketing Manager comments: “The great thing about Seasol is that because it is a natural plant tonic, you can use it regularly throughout all stages of growth, from seed to mature plant, unlike chemical fertilisers. The new 4-litre bottle will not only give our customers great value for money, but as you can use Seasol on most areas of the garden, at any time of the year, it also won’t run out as quickly.”

Seasol is derived from a blend of the finest brown kelps and is proven to stimulate root development. The tonic promotes healthy growth of plants, flowers and vegetables, enhances flowering and fruiting and increases resistance to heat, drought, frost, pests and diseases. It can be applied directly to soil or foliage, contains beneficial micro-nutrients and is also rich in trace elements.

A 4L bottle of Seasol is priced at £19.99. Visit your local garden centre, head over to to shop or request your copy of the Mr Fothergill’s latest seed catalogue here.

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