Mr Fothergill’s Launches Biggest Advancement in Seed Technology Since Introduction of F1 Hybrids

Our 2018 Optigrow range brings benefits for retailers and home gardeners with premium pricing, faster germination and better garden performance.

Mr Fothergill’s is the first retail seed brand to adopt revolutionary Swedish seed priming technology previously only available to professional growers. The firm has carved a niche for developing new seed marketing concepts to target specific market segments, skill levels and price points. We are marking 40 years of business in 2018 with the launch of the Optigrow seed range, which it says is the most exciting development for home growers since the introduction of F1 hybrid seed varieties.

The non-chemical treatment supersedes all previous priming treatments, speeding up germination and bringing other benefits that were previously only available to commercial growers. Seed shelf life is greatly extended compared with traditional seed priming, providing a longer sales window, while the technology and end results allow for a premium price point in store, further increasing profits for retailers.

Seed technology

The process uses just water and air to get the seed biologically ready for germination, breaking seed dormancy prior to use. At this point the seed is dried back to a storable state for packing. The technology brings genuine and valuable performance benefits to 20 of the most popular vegetable seed varieties in the Mr Fothergill’s range, making its best sellers even better.

Mr Fothergill’s Retail Marketing Manager, Ian Cross, said:

“The Optigrow range marks a real step change in the seed market and is certainly the most exciting development since the introduction of F1 hybrids. In fact, the process the seeds go through is so much more than simple priming that we refer to it as seed ‘vitalising’. Not only does it significantly speed up germination times, it creates greater garden performance too.”

Through extensive trialling, the Optigrow process has been proven to produce more vigorous seedlings, stronger weed competition, more uniform crops and better end results, leading to greater success and better harvests for the home gardener. There is also evidence that germination becomes possible under a wider range of conditions, allowing gardeners to sow Optigrow seeds in colder, warmer and drier conditions than the ideal. In comparison trials nearly 80% of Optigrow treated Carrot Amsterdam seed germinated within 50 hours from sowing, compared to 90 hours for the same percentage of standard seed.”

The benefits of the Optigrow range are supported by contemporary packet design, a stand-alone hot spot stand and simple explanatory point of sale material to give the range prime focus in retail areas, creating one of the strongest 2018 seed offerings available to garden centres, shops and retail outlets. Orders are now being taken for delivery from January 2018.

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