More Australian Seaweed Sets Sail for Mr Fothergill’s

Due to increased demand from retailers, Mr Fothergill’s is set to receive delivery of another container of Seasol seaweed concentrate from Australia in the coming months.

David Carey, Mr Fothergill’s Joint Managing Director says

“We are delighted that Seasol has sold in so well to our retail customers in the UK. This exciting addition to the market will give gardeners the opportunity to garden in a more environmentally friendly manner and achieve overall better results in the garden. The big question is – will there be enough seaweed in Australia to keep up with our demand?…”

Seasol seaweed concentrate is an all-natural plant tonic, offering a complete treatment for all areas of the garden, promoting healthy growth of plants, flowers, vegetables and even lawns. It contains useful micro-nutrients and is rich in trace elements. Used regularly, the concentrate has been proven to provide excellent chemical-free plant nourishment.

As well as being watered directly into the soil for uptake at the roots, Seasol can also be applied as a foliar spray for fast absorption of nutrients. Mr Fothergill’s has also seen improved germination and increased initial root growth from seeds soaked in Seasol before sowing.

Seasol can be applied at any time of year on all garden plants and is available for supply to garden centres from January 2018. The 1 litre bottle has a RRP of £7.99 and is available in cases of 9 or as a floor standing display of 64.

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