Growing Tomatoes: Choosing Varieties and Giving Your Plants the Best Possible Start

Tomato blight

Whether it’s a taste, color or recipe that makes a particular tomato stand out for you, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you decide how to choose the right tomatoes for you this growing season.

There are thousands of tomatoes to choose from, so considering the following issues will help you to decide:

  • Local climate – if you ┬áhave a short cold growing season, then choose a suitable variety that will produce a crop in short growing seasons
  • Heat factors – if you have a very hot summers, you should choose from ‘hot-set’ tomato varieities
  • Diseases – select varieties that are resistant to the diseases prevalent in your area.

Your culinary choices will also have a factor on which variety is best for you, so think about whether you would like to grow tomatoes for salads or for sauces, cooking and soups.

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