How To Grow Strawberries

strawberry long season - growing strawberriesIt’s always nice to have your own fresh fruit in the garden, these strawberries are just perfect summer berries! Find out how to grow strawberries from Mr Fothergill’s in this post.

  • Ensure that when you plant the strawberry plants, you don’t bury them lower than the crown. The crown must be showing above the soil.
  • You must remember that you won’t have any fruit the year that they are planted, so you need to make sure they’ve got good, nutritious¬†ground to grow in.
  • If they start to flower, you need to remove the flowers. This will allow the crown to build up, then the following year you’ll have some really nice, full plants.
  • You can also plant strawberries on black polythene, place black polythene over the ground and cut a few slits. You can then plant the strawberries through the plastic. This method ensures that when the plant finally fruits, the fruits will be reasonably clean.
  • They need to be planted at 45cm apart in the ground. In rows, they need to be 90cm apart. This is because they will start to produce runners and they may get mixed up. You’ll also need them spaced apart so that it’s easier when you come to pick your fruits.
  • Finally, you can plant strawberries into a nice strawberry pot – this could be left out on your patio.

If you have any further tips or tricks on planting out strawberries, then please let us know on the blog or our social media. You can purchase our strawberry plants on the website here. 

How to Grow Strawberries

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