How To Grow Rhubarb Plant Crowns

RhubarbPerfect for making a great British favourite, the comforting and homely Rhubarb crumble, our Suffolk-grown, 1-year-old crowns are freshly lifted from the seed bed and hand graded for quality. This post offers advice on how to grow Mr Fothergill’s rhubarb. 

  • When planting, ensure you don’t bury the new crown in soil because this is the part that will grow your new rhubarb.
  • Rhubarb doesn’t like being to wet or ‘mushy’.
  • Leave the crown just showing above the soil.
  • If you want to plant more than one rhubarb plant, then you need to plant them at least 1 metre apart. You would usually plant just one or two in your garden or allotment.
  • You must remember that rhubarb won’t come through for a few years, it’s not a quick growing plant but it is worth waiting for!

If you have any further tips on growing rhubarb, then leave us a comment on the blog or let us know on our social media.

You can buy our Rhubarb crowns on the Mr Fothergill’s website here. 

How to Grow Rhubarb Plant Crowns

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