How to Grow Fruit & Vegetables in Hanging Baskets [video]

How to Grow Fruit & Vegetables in Hanging Baskets Hanging baskets provide a great space-saving way to grow many fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, strawberries and all manner of leafy herbs and salads.

Hanging baskets offer an excellent way to pack more produce into a smaller space. Suspended from rafters, walls or framing the front door they provide ample opportunity to make the very best of the space you have.

You can grow a surprising variety of crops in hanging baskets. Cherry tomatoes & strawberries work really well. Growing salad leaves in this way lifts them up out of the reach of hungry slugs. Chilli peppers, leafy herbs, spinach, dwarf beans, even cucumbers are suitable candidates for basket growing and can make for a highly attractive display.

Don’t forget a basket or two packing with flowering annuals to pull in the pollinators.

How to plant a hanging basket

Hanging baskets can dry out quicker than other containers as they’re often exposed more to the wind and sun.

  • Select a basket that’s at least 14 inches in diameter. This will hold at least a gallon of potting soil, meaning it will be slower to dry out.
  • It will be heavy, so ensure that your hanging basket’s chains and the support you’re hanging it from is strong enough.
  • The wire basket needs a liner. Place the basket onto a bucket to stop it rocking about. You can use an old potting soil bag as your liner – open the bag and cut it to size, pierce holes into the liner for drainage.
  • Use quality multi-purpose potting soil, mixed with a handful of slow-release fertilizer.
  • Fill your basket with the mix, this size basket should then hold 3 plants of your choice.
  • Remove the plants from their pots and tease apart the outside roots, space them out equally and then fill in gaps with potting soil.
  • Thoroughly water your hanging basket and then simply hang it up!

If you’d like to see how to care for your fruit & veg in hanging baskets, take a look at the video below. If you have any tips yourself, then please do let us know in the comments or on our social media.¬†

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