Gardening Gift Ideas for a Happy Christmas

If you are thinking of what to buy for your garden minded friends or relatives, Mr Fothergill’s has got some great options with a wide range of gifts for kids, beginners and addicted gardeners. Widely stocked by garden retailers, you can choose from a number of innovative gardening gifts from windowsill kits to fun ‘grass head’ kits for youngsters.

There are four windowsill kitsHerb Garden, Fragrant Garden, Strawberry Garden and Sunflower Garden – each comprising a galvanised metal windowsill container, seeds, compost and instructions. Each has a recommended retail price of £7.95. The Herb Grow Kit (RRP £10.95) has three galvanised pots on a tray, basil, parsley and chives seeds, plus compost discs, while the Grow Your Own Pesto Kit includes basil seed, compost discs, a ceramic pestle and mortar, and instructions on how to make the much-loved Italian sauce for pasta. It has a recommended retail price of £6.95.

Eye-catching grow kits in the caricature form of various animals would make ideal stocking-fillers to encourage youngsters to take an interest in growing from seed. The ceramic egg cup-style planters are known as Munakuppi (Finnish for ‘egg cup’) Hair Grow Kits have a recommended retail price of just £3.95. Each Munakuppi includes two sachets of seed – basil for short hair and ryegrass for long hair – plus compost and growing instructions, so anyone can simply sow, water and watch the green ‘hair’ grow. The six hand-crafted animals, including an elephant, dog, pig and duck, are becoming collectables. Children would also enjoy four new Smiley faces and four adorable cats. These gorgeous kits come with a pot, coco pellet, rye grass seeds, instructions and growing tips for easy and instant display in the home. Unlike traditional grassheads kits, these ceramic characters can be used again and again.

For anyone new to gardening, Mr Fothergill’s offers a patented GroBox (RRP £6.99) and GroMat (RRP £4.99) ranges of easy-to-grow, pre-sown gardening products. GroBox is a bio-degradable cardboard box of four varieties of pre-sown vegetable or herb seeds in compost, which is planted, covered and watered in the garden or in a container. The range also includes a children’s flower garden and a children’s vegetable garden. GroMat is a two-metre, bio-degradable mat pre-sown with a mix of either flower or vegetable seeds, and can be rolled out as it is or cut to fit any size of plot, border or container.

For chilli lovers, there are Chilli Pepper Grow kits available in classic, great tasting, fiery red chillies and juicy medium-hot green chillies perfect for pizzas. Available as complete kit, with a RRP of just £4.99.

Mr Fothergill’s range of seeds and kits is available from garden centres, supermarkets and leading DIY stores throughout the UK and at

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