The easy way to elegant hanging baskets

Trixi® Twinkle Star featuring Bacopa, Bidens and Calibrachoa

Choosing hanging basket plants that look good together all summer can be a challenge. Not only must the combination of colours suit your taste but the way that each plant grows must fit well with its companions. And, of course, it’s no good if the whole display has been and gone in three weeks. Well, Trixi® Planting Combinations take the guesswork and uncertainty out of choosing. Here’s how it works.

First, after an extensive assessment of a huge range of varieties, three long-flowering varieties are chosen whose colours, vigour and growing habit all work well together. They might be three different varieties of the same plant, Calibrachoa works especially well, or one variety of each of three different plants and they might be chosen to create a bold contrast in flower colour or a more subtle harmony of shades. Then, a cutting of each of the three plants is rooted in the same large plug. When they’re all growing well they’re packed and sent out.

Trixi® Spring Valley featuring Calibrachoa and LobeliaTrixi® Planting Combinations come in packs of five plugs, plant three or four in 30-35cm/12-14in baskets, plant all five in a 38cm/15in basket. Individual plugs look lovely planted in smaller pots.

As the plants grow and develop the other invaluable feature of these Trixi® Planting Combinations that I really like becomes obvious: the different plants all intermingle together. Instead of the side-by-side blocks of colour that you often see when you plant baskets with individual plants from pots from the garden centre, the three different varieties mix and mingle together creating a delightful display.

Out of the hundreds of combinations that Mr. F examined, take a look at these eight and see what you think.  Last order date is 30 April.

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