Complete Garden Health Treatment in a Bottle

New seaweed concentrate set to transform plant performance for British gardeners.

Mr Fothergill’s is pleased to announce the UK retail launch of one of Australia’s most popular garden products. British gardeners can now utilise the plant boosting powers of Seasol, an organically produced seaweed concentrate, popular with Australian gardeners since its launch there in the mid 1990s.

The all-natural plant tonic offers a complete treatment for all areas of the garden, promoting healthy growth of plants, flowers, vegetables and even lawns. Seasol Seaweed Concentrate contains useful micro-nutrients and is rich in trace elements. Used regularly, the concentrate has been proven to provide excellent chemical-free plant nourishment. The processing plant used to extract Seasol liquid concentrate is the only type in the world. The unique manufacturing process maximises the extraction of the seaweed’s essential compounds.

Field observations at our trial grounds, support laboratory findings and other growing trials that highlight Seasol’s ability to also improve resistance to insect and fungal attack while reducing the symptoms of stress from excessive heat, frost damage and transplanting.

Ian Cross, Mr Fothergill’s retail marketing manager said:

“More and more of our customers are seeking to move away from garden chemicals. Bringing Seasol to the UK market offers the opportunity to garden in a much more environmentally friendly manner, and also the chance of bigger, better results in all areas of the garden. Whether you grow flowers or vegetables, or a mix of both, Seasol will bring benefits where ever it is used.”

As well as being applied directly to soils for uptake at the roots, Seasol can also be applied as a foliar spray for fast absorption of nutrients. Mr Fothergill’s has also seen improved germination and increased initial root growth from seeds soaked in Seasol before sowing.

Seasol can be applied at any time of year on all garden plants and will be available in garden centres from January 2018 with a RRP of £7.99.

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