Chorley New Road Primary School Gardening Club is borne out of a love of knitting!

Chorley New Road Primary School Gardening Club

This gardening club at Chorley New Road Primary School started off as a knitting club who then swapped needles for trowels and set to work making a whole new front garden for the school.  Every Tuesday they now meet up to do a spot of weeding and planting, and these kids certainly know what they are doing!

We asked them if they had some advice for us grown ups to which they replied, “don’t forget to water”, which I’m sure you’ll agree is something we are all guilty of from time to time.

Miss Burrows the Headteacher was beaming with pride and thanks for the kind donation of seeds from Mr Fothergills and the Hanging Baskets and Troughs from Horwich in Bloom.  “The Kids have worked so hard, they are even working on making the school badge in flowers with a little bird house to represent our clock tower, I’m really proud of them and with thanks to Mr Fothergills, I’m sure we will win Horwich in Bloom 2015, we are going to win everything!” It was so great to hear the enthusiasm from not only the children but all the staff too.

It hasn’t been a bed of roses though.  Perils of young seedlings being accidentally trampled by the nursery children were a hot topic, the memory of this disaster still fresh in the young gardeners’ minds.  Gardening in schools isn’t easy but when you have a fab team of keen gardeners like these, the teachers can definitely sit back and smell the roses!

Mr Fothergill’s have supplied Chorley New Road Primary School with all the seeds they need to produce a really beautiful school garden this year as part of Horwich in Bloom.  The blog posts are written by Vicki Robinson, who writes for the Bury Times and the Bolton News and is involved in Horwich In Bloom for 2015.

Chorley New Road Primary School Gardening Club members pictured: Tanith Lewis, Sophie Garrity, Emily Leake, Katrina Bremners, Serafim Johnson, Sasha Harwood and Head Teacher Miss Burrows.

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