Choosing plants for your autumn vegetable garden

Kale 'Nero di Toscana' in the autumn gardenNow is the time to think about sowing and planting into those gaps left by harvesting the vegetables grown over the summer growing season. It’s important to understand a little about your autumn gardening conditions to help you plan to maximise your autumn vegetable garden growing space. Knowing when your first frosts will come to where you live is an important factor as, although the soil is warmer allowing good germination, the days are getting shorter leaving less daylight so you need to plan around these factors.

This video guides you through the three groups of veg that help you figure out what to grow, where and when.

  • Group 1 vegetables can be sown directly to the ground and will germinate quickly in the warmer soil of early autumn.   Included in this group are Peas (quick growing varieties), Beetroots, Kale, Leeks and Radishes
  • Group 2 vegetables can be started indoors to get a head start on growing before winter sets in, and these plants will thrive in lower soil temperatures. Included in this group are Chinese Cabbage, Endive, Raddichio, Lettuce, Parsley and Spinach
  • Group 3 vegetables are for sowing when the soil has cooled and includes mainly leafy greens including Coriander, Rocket, Lettuce (winter varieties), Lambs Lettuce, Mizuna and Turnips.

Our Garden Planner tool will help you plan your autumn garden specific to your own garden space and growing conditions.

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