7 Naturally Sweet Crops to Grow in Your Vegetable Garden

Homegrown fruits and veg are incredibly satisfying, they naturally push us in the direction of a healthier, balanced diet. What about that sweet tooth – that begs you for a bar of chocolate? Well we’ve got the answer, it can come from your garden. Here are 7 crops that are naturally high in sugars.

  1. Sweetcorn – has many modern varieties that are bred for exceptional sweetness. Grow it in a sunny position in rich, fertile soil to get the very sweetest cobs.
  2. Peas – aren’t just sweet, they also benefit from being picked and eaten promptly. Look for a variety with ‘sweet’ or ‘sugar’ in the name and it’s likely to have a delicious final taste.
  3. Tomatoes – some varieties are sweeter than others, as a general rule the smaller the sweeter. Opt for cherry tomatoes if you want a sweet fix!
  4. Beets – can be enjoyed liberally doused in oil and balsamic vinegar, then slowly roasted with other sweet tasting roots such as carrots and parsnips.
  5. Carrots – like beets, smaller roots are the sweetest. Select varieties that produce pencil sized roots or try Chantenay types beloved by chefs.
  6. Strawberries – when ripe and sun-warmed are one of the most satisfying experiences any gardener can enjoy.
  7. Melon – nothing compares to the sweetness of a perfectly ripe melon. Honeydew are the sweetest varieties and cantaloupe are the most reliable.

These are the seven crops that you can enjoy when you need a sweetness rush – what is your go to sweet fruit or veg? Let us know in the comments below or head over to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

GrowVeg: 7 Naturally Sweet Crops to Grow in Your Vegetable Garden

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