5 Golden Rules of Garden Planning [video]

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When the growing season begins, it’s exciting to be able to get a new start in your plot. It’s important to take some time to  plan what you are going to grow before you begin.  Spending some time with pen and paper and plotting out your plans will make it easier in the garden as you progress through the growing year. So here are some garden planning tips useful for people new to vegetable gardening and allotmenteering, and old horti pros alike.

  • Choosing the perfect location to start growing a veg plot is important. Most vegetables prefer full sun, but if you have no sunny spots available in your garden then research the crops you could grow that prefer shade, or that at least will thrive in the shade.
  • Good soil is the key to better growth. Ideally your ground should be fertile and moisture retentive, but also well drained.  We aren’t all blessed with perfect growing conditions though, and so watch the video for some methods for improving your soil for crop growing.
  • Always grow vegetables and fruit that you like!  It is no use growing lots and lots of a particular crop just because they are easy to grow. Concentrate on the fruit and vegetables you enjoy eating the most; this will motivate you to grow more and see you through the season.
  • Make the most of any space you have, use pots and containers to use space effectively in smaller areas.
  • Stagger your harvests with succession sowing.  Sowing a little and often will allow you to have a range of crops throughout much of the year rather than gluts all at one time.

These are just a few tips for garden planning. The video below shares with you the five golden rules of garden planning.

 5 Golden Rules of Garden Planning

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