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At Mr Fothergill’s we like to support as many charities as we can – so far we’ve raised over £150,000. Over the last few years, we’ve supported and fundraised for the Royal Hospital Chelsea Appeal, Greenfingers Charity, and RSPB – among others!

For these charities, in particular, we’ve have been selling sweet peas, seeds or fundraising through events. If you’ve contributed to any of these, then thank you – all of these charities need help and we are grateful to have given them the chance to assist their causes further.

We’ve recently completed a 20 mile walk, that some of our team took part in to raise money for the Greenfingers Charity. You can find out more about our walk here. In addition to this walk, we’ve set up a page for each of the charities that we support – so if you’d like to help with our fundraising efforts, you can find each of the pages below.




If you’re going to donate your hard earned money to a charity, it’s important that you know what your generous donations are going towards. Each of these charities supports very different causes and all of them important.

Greenfingers Charity

Greenfingers Charity is dedicated to supporting the children who use hospices around the UK, along with their families, by creating beautiful, well-designed outdoor spaces for children to enjoy with family, friends and siblings, whether through play and fun, or therapeutic rest and relaxation.  To date, Greenfingers Charity has created 51 inspiring gardens and outdoor spaces in hospices around the country and has a further waiting list of hospices that need our help now.


RSPB are the largest nature conservation charity in the country, consistently delivering successful conservation, forging powerful new partnerships with other organisations and inspiring others to stand up and give nature the home it deserves.

Royal Chelsea Appeal Limited

The Chelsea Pensioners are the iconic faces of the UK’s veteran community. They reside at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, their 325-year-old home founded by Charles II, in the heart of London.

Thank you in advance for all the support you’ve given us and these charities over the years, we hope we can continue to help them through the sale of our seeds and fundraising. 



A tough and tempting echinacea

February 21st, 2020 | Plant Talk with Graham Rice | 0 Comments

Echinacea 'Green Twister' combines reliable hardiness with this unique colouring.

Echinaceas, cone flowers, have become a bit of a thing in recent years. From, basically, two different types – the purple and the white – blood from new species including one with yellow flowers sparked enthusiastic development of new varieties on both sides of the Atlantic.

So now we have single and double flowered varieties, tall and short, in shades from white through cream and primrose and peach plus orange and mango and red and purple and now bicolours as well. Many of them you’ll find in the ‘Dreamcoat’ mixture.

But one of my favourites, and perhaps the most distinctive of all, is a variety developed in Germany and called ‘Green Twister’. I wrote about it here back in 2018, after its first season with me, and now I’ve been growing ‘Green Twister’ for three years and it’s really proved itself.

There are three things about it. First, and most obvious, the flowers. Each flower opens with entirely green petals, the petals turning upwards towards the tips to create a bowl shape. As the flowers mature they become more flat and a purple zone seeps out from around the central honey-chestnut cone. Even after the petals fall there’s a big fat cone to cut.

Green Twister’also flowers in its first year after sowing, always valuable. And, unlike many echinaceas I’ve grown in recent years, not only does it sail through a soggy winter but the plants bulk up well.

Any problems? Well, sometimes the flowers are just too big! – especially the early ones. This year I’m going to cut off the first flowers on some of my plants and see if that helps. But seed or plants, you should give ‘Green Twister’ a go.

Triathlete From Mr Fothergill’s to Make Garden Releaf Debut

February 20th, 2020 | News | 0 Comments

Sam Broadway, National Account Manager for Mr Fothergills, riding a bike as part of a triathlon

Sam Broadway, National Account Manager for Mr Fothergill’s, has been doing some serious training to ensure optimum performance for her 100-mile Garden ReLeaf bike ride on 13th March. She has taken up triathlons in the past year to raise money for charity, to keep fit, of course, and be in peak condition for the Greenfingers walk.

Sam, the youngest in the Mr Fothergill’s team, has a weekly training schedule of a 10-mile run on Saturday, a 1-hour turbo session and 2.5km swim on Sunday, 5k on a Tuesday, a 5:30am Wednesday start for a 3.5k swim, sprint intervals on Thursday and a 7.5km run on Friday! Compare and contrast with the oldest member of the team, Commercial Director Tim Jeffries, who, since rugby gave him up 2 years ago, has trouble getting out of bed in the morning and subsequently moving his knees!

Sam Broadway, National Account Manager for Mr Fothergills, running as part of a triathlon

Sam’s boss also wonders when she has any time for work!

Sam is part of the Team Lightning Seeds from Mr Fothergills. She will be joined on the day by 20-mile walkers Tim Jeffries, David Carey, Jeremy Sharp, Alison Mulvaney, Nina Claydon, Alison Roberts and Chris Owen plus regular cyclists Richard Keegan and Matt Jackson. In addition, staff at the Kentford HQ will be completing various fund-raising events in the Mr Fothergills HQ.

Commercial Director Tim Jeffries commented “I hope we have another great fundraising year this year with help from our suppliers, customers and friends. Greenfingers is such a great cause in the gardening world and so many people in our company get behind our efforts to raise money, whether in the office or on the walk or ride. I think Sam may be taking it a little too seriously but at least she won’t suffer the next day like most of the rest of us!”

You can support Mr Fothergill’s fundraising efforts by donating via our JustGiving page here. Please donate generously and give what you can for this amazing cause.

Sam Broadway, National Account Manager for Mr Fothergills, jogging in a wetsuit part of a triathlon

About Greenfingers
Greenfingers Charity is a national charity dedicated to creating magical gardens for children, and their families who spend time in hospices around the UK. The charity is committed to creating specially designed, stimulating garden spaces that can bring many benefits to children with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions.

Mr Fothergill’s Continues Supporting Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioners with its Special VE Day Countertop Display in 2020 and Introduces Shamrock Seeds for St Patrick’s Day

February 20th, 2020 | News | 0 Comments

Mr Fothergills VE Day countertop display, selling poppy and sweet pea seeds to support the Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioners

8th May 1945 – Victory in Europe Day – was one that remained in the memory of all those who witnessed it. It meant an end to nearly six years of a war that had cost the lives of millions; had destroyed homes, families, and cities; and had brought huge suffering and privations to the populations of entire countries. It marked an end of World War II. 2020 is the 75th anniversary of this momentous event.

Mr Fothergill’s will continue raising funds with its special new VE day countertop display which contains 20 packets of the nation’s favourite Poppy Victoria Cross and 20 packets of Sweet Pea Scarlet Tunic. 25p from each packet sold will be donated to the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

Poppy Victoria Cross (RRP £2.15 for 250 seeds) is a popular choice among gardeners and makes a fitting remembrance symbol with its bold white ‘crosses’ across single red flowers. Easy to grow and quick to flower from a spring sowing, this form of Papaver somniferum is ideal for informal borders and cottage garden settings. Its distinctive ‘pepper-pot’ seed heads are also useful in dried arrangements when flowering ends.

Sweet Pea Scarlet Tunic (RRP £2.40 for 20 seeds) was named in honour of the famous Chelsea Pensioners red coats and is a delightful blend of red shaded blooms. It can be sown where it is to flower, it’s an outstanding mix of large flowers. Ideal for garden displays and as a cut flower.

Mr Fothergills Shamrock seeds countertop display in celebration of St Patricks Day, grow your own luck all year round

New for 2020, our Shamrock seeds (RRP £2.15 for 1400 seeds) will be available in a countertop display of 40 packets in an eye-catching design. A chance to grow some traditional Irish luck all year round, not only for St Patrick’s Day on 17th March.

To find out more about the Mr Fothergill’s range, log on at or telephone 01638 554111.

Flowering and Practical Mother’s Day Gifts From Mr Fothergill’s Seeds

February 18th, 2020 | News | 0 Comments

Treat your mum to a very special gift this Mother’s Day with some beautiful flowering and scenting products from Mr Fothergill’s.

Mr Fothergills Grow Your Own Pesto Kit
Mr Fothergills Sunflower Garden Kit

There are four windowsill kits that your Mum would be happy to grow. Our Sunflower Kit will flower all season to autumn and brighten up the patio with the lovely Pacino variety. The Strawberry Kit will become a great summer treat to pick whenever the red berries can be seen. The Fragrant Garden is a mix of three fragrant varieties – thyme, oregano and lavender that can be used in cooking and attract wildlife. For Mums who love herbs, Mr Fothergill’s has two options: the Herb Windowsill Kit with one container or Herb Grow Kit (RRP £10.95) that comes with three galvanized pots on a tray with basil, parsley and chives seeds, plus compost discs. Our Windowsill Kit has a recommended retail price of £7.95 – each comprising a galvanised metal windowsill container, seeds, compost and instructions. Grow Your Own Pesto Kit includes basil seed, compost discs, a ceramic pestle and mortar, and instructions on how to make the much-loved Italian sauce for pasta. It has an RRP of £6.95.

Mr Fothergills Sweet Pea Mumsie

Eye-catching flowers would make an ideal addition to your Mum’s garden. Sweet Pea Mumsie (RRP £2.40 for 20 seeds) is an appealing Spencer type variety, with large, pink ruffled blooms on strong stems. Sweet Pea Alan Titchmarsh (RRP £2.40 for 20 seeds) distinguishes itself with large, scented, frilly soft pink blooms, whereas Sweet Pea Cupani (RRP £2.40 for 20 seeds) was introduced by a Franciscan monk from Sicily over 300 years ago, features small bicoloured nicely scented violet and deep crimson blooms.

Mr Fothergills Sweet Peaa Mayflower 400

Among new Sweet Peas introduced in 2020, there is Sweet Pea Our Harry (RRP £2.40 for 20 seeds) which is a Spencer type with large, blue flowers on strong stems. Sweet Pea Mayflower 400 (RRP £2.40 for 20 seeds) is a ‘Spencer’ type, bred by world-renowned hybridiser Keith Hammett, and produces frilly flowers in a pastel pink flake on a cream background. It is vigorous and free-flowering, with a medium scent. Sweet Pea Galaxy Mixed (RRP £2.40 for 35 seeds) is an early blooming, free-flowering variety, producing a long-lasting display. All Lathyrus Odoratus are lovely to grow over trellis or fences and as cut flowers to decorate your mum’s home.

Visit your local garden centre for the full range or head over to

Think drought (Yes, really!)

February 14th, 2020 | Plant Talk with Graham Rice | 0 Comments

California poppy ‘Golden Values’ and  Amaranthus caudatus
California poppy ‘Golden Values’ and Amaranthus caudatus

OK, this winter has been one of the soggiest in living memory but in a few months things can change dramatically. So the launch of a choice of drought resistant plants in the new range of collections curated with the Royal Horticultural Society is really very welcome.

The thing is, not only are long hot summers tough for many plants to cope with but turning on the sprinkler is not the best use for water we’ve spent a fortune bringing up to drinking standard.

But some flowers naturally take to dry conditions better than most, they or their wild ancestors grow wild in situations where drought is not unusual and they’ve adapted. But let’s be clear, these are not plants that can do without water altogether they’re plants that, once established, will take it in their stride.

Two of the hardy annuals in the collection are old favourites. California poppy ‘Golden Values’ is pretty much identical to the wild California poppy that springs to life after a deluge, gets its roots down and then as the soil dries flowers its heart out – sown in autumn or spring. Simple but dazzling.

Another easy drought-resister, once you have love-lies-bleeding, Amaranthus caudatus, you’ll always have it as it self sows regularly; any in the wrong place are easy to pull out. But those long red tassels are so heavy and prolific that they might need support.

The other plants in this RHS Drought Resistant Collection are the half-hardy annual Gazania ‘Sunshine Mixed’, the hardy annual Calendula ‘Geisha Girl’, the hardy perennial Eryngium planum, and the half hardy annual Mesembryanthemum ‘Harlequin Mixed’.

Half a dozen drought tolerant flowers to raise from seed and which will help you fill your garden with colour without splashing on the water. And all for just £4.99.